Dagger magician

  • I cast dagger!

    And other hilarious bugs

    fist + tower shield please (equipped a tower shield with warhammer, warhammer never showed up on first spawn, had left handed toggled but in first person mode it showed normal right handed stance).

    I like the idea of left handed mode, it’d be nice to see as something you could switch to on the fly, but I read in game that this requires changing the entire players skeleton to work. That is a shame, but I thoroughly enjoy the mix up and gameplay implications.

  • My concern for being able to change it on the fly is someone doing it mid-swing and causing potential ghost swing/desync problems.

    An animation would need to be put in place for switching on the fly, which may prove to be time consuming, but it would be cool to fake out your opponent my switching to left just before you attack him.

  • I figured any “stance” changes would incur a small change time, like swapping a weapon. I didn’t mean mid-attack, that’d be nuts lol
    Personally I think something like stances with unique animations and fighting styles is something that Chiv should do, but for Chiv 2. There was a great discussion about this a while back, mentioning how you could flip the poleaxe and use the hammer for blunt damage, swap to the axe head again for the slash/blunt hybrid, and use the hilt as a defensive quick thrust in another stance.

    Torn Banner needs far more animators though. Do they still only have Richard Yang? Guy is a pro but there needs to be more.

  • lol’ing. that pointing finger really perfects the magician stance.

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