Razer Surround - Virtual Surround Sound in Chivalry - It works quite well.

  • Hi guys,

    I’m a little behind the 8-ball in some things and I’ve just stumbled across Razer Surround. Basically it is free (you have to register and you can ‘pay’ for it with a donation to Child’s Play if you want, or don’t pay at all) software that creates a virtual 5.1/7.1 Surround sound setup for Stereo Headphones.

    Now the good thing about this is most on-board sound chips in Motherboards do NOT have virtual sound sound, so with stereo headphones/speakers you get pretty poor positional audio. Hearing that Knight walk up behind you isn’t as easy as it could be.

    You can buy A Xonar DG Soundcard for about $30 (AU), that has Dolby Headphones which is hardware-based virtual surround sound, same thing implemented a little differently. You can also buy headphones with Dolby Headphones in-built for about $80+.

    Now it is generally considered that Stereo headphones have better sound quality due to only needing 2 drivers in the headpiece, as opposed to True 5.1 headphones that need lots of drivers crammed in the headphone, so you get smaller drivers or lower quality ones. Thus a cheaper stereo headset can have better sound quality of an expensive ‘true’ 5.1 headset.

    So I downloaded and installed the Razer software last night and registered an account (really easy). Then fired up Chivalry, the 3D positional sound is significantly better. Hearing that knight walk up behind you is so much easier.

    I highly recommend trying this software out if you
    1: Have Stereo Headphones AND
    2: Do not have any kind of virtual surround hardware, i,e, Sound Card

    It does use a little of your CPU, something like 2-5%. Totally worth it.

    TL;DR: Razer Surround has free Virtual surround sound software that works really well for Stereo headphones and is totally recommend to significantly boost 3D positional Sound in Chivalry and other games.

    To those that this helps, you’re welcome. To those that already have it, thanks for not sharing. To those that think it is bullshit, you’re wrong.


  • Oh, No I don’t work for Razer. If they want to pay me though I’ll take it.

    I’m just really happy with how it turned out and think other gamers would benefit from it too.

    I have read somewhere that it may cause crashes but I’m not sure. At any rate if you like how it works then you can uninstall it, buy a xonar DG (cheapest way to get hardware based virtual surround).

  • i tried using it once and it made all the sound quality crap

  • I found the sound quality to be no different, at least in Chivalry. Using a pair of average stereo headphones and onboard sound, yet the positional aspect was greatly increased.

    edit: Apparently it sometimes happens if you are using anything that does a Bass-boost it makes the sound all murky. You need to disable any bass-boost you have running, the virtual surround software will boost the base anyway. So a double bass boost screws things up.

  • Developer

    I usually use the (CPU-based) Dolby Theater software that came with my motherboard at home, but do also use Razer Surround here and at work. The effect is less nice than Dolby’s, but it still works.

    I’ve never had it cause crashes in other software, but it does occasionally get buggy and stops producing any sound until Windows is reset (restarting the service itself never seems to help…)

  • Do you restart Windows Audio endpoint as opposed to that other Windows Audio option? I have a totally unrelated problem with windows 8 and my PC where sound just stops working if I leave the PC alone for a while. I have to restart Windows Audio Endpoint service to get it running again.

    It hasn’t happened so far with razer running, but it has hardly had time.

  • Interesting. I only like to wear headphones when I’m recording though. Hate not being able to hear other stuff.

  • If I need to hear other stuff I wear my headphones around my neck and turned up louder. it works OK, haven’t tried it to see if surround sound partially works with neck mounted headphones ;P

  • dat razer spyware

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    dat razer spyware

    deleted all that shit after my deathadder broke

  • Yeah, it’s not spyware you paranoid goons.

  • Or you could just shell out 100 bucks for real 7.1 surround sound headphones…

  • @Toll:

    Yeah, it’s not spyware you paranoid goons.

    says the razer sales rep

  • Astro A40 2013, $250 Dolby Digital Virtual Surround Sound (includes a mixamp that gives all the surround goodness, no cheesy sound card required)

    Super overpriced, but it’s a good product if you don’t really care about pricing and shtuff.

    They say on their website to buy a surround sound card and use it in conjunction with the headset, but fuck that I’m not paying over $300, and I hear that they are just lying to get you to buy from their sponsors. Many people say that surround is not affected by sound card once you use the mixamp. I can hear the difference, too, I don’t have a sound card but I use the mixamp and I can pinpoint really well. Playing CS:GO is amazing, like a wallhack for your ears. Even when listening to music I can hear the instruments in different positions on certain tracks.

  • check my privilege poor people

  • virtual surround always sucks

    real surround sound is what you want

  • @zombojoe:

    virtual surround always sucks

    real surround sound is what you want

    Nah, virtual is better imo.

    Why have multiple speakers when you have 2 ears? It’s been observed that virtual can actually bring you a BETTER experience.

    All preference though.

  • Yeah… tried it… fail… killed streaming audio and virtually sucked… so, no uninstalled, waste of time

  • it just sounds terrible, just get a real 7.1 headset

  • @zombojoe:

    it just sounds terrible, just get a real 7.1 headset

    how do you get real 7.1 in a headset
    also, AKG K-77’s and Xonar DG poor ppl masterrace

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