Need help with Setbind command

  • Personally I hate crowded matches and therefore rented my own server with a maximum of 8 players.
    Problem is however, that the low amount of slots frequently encourages idiots to come and hijack my server. When I join, I log in as admin(hidden) and cancel the votekick they already started on me, but then find myself wasting a lot of time typing in the necessary commands to just perma-ban 'em.

    So I tried working with the ‘Setbind’ command for the console, but I have a few questions:

    1.) How do you unbind a key? I could also just rebind the key to a nonexistent command but I’d rather clear _the keybind. How do I delete those?

    2.) How do you bind commands to special keys? I’d like to have most of them on the /, *, - and + commands on my numpad. Trying to use the console to directly bind commands to special keys won’t work._

  • For special keys the names are spelled out, e.g. “LeftAlt” or “NumPadOne”. Not sure how mulitplay/divide are referred to though. Probably NumPadMultiply, etc.

    I think you have to manually delete custom binds from the UDKGame.ini file.

  • Hah, was desperately searching through the UDKInput.ini file. Many thanks.
    I couldn’t figure out the correct names for “*” or “/” either so I bound the commands to unused number keys.

  • Pretty sure you can unbind a key by doing “setbind [key] null”. Not sure if it’s the proper way of doing it but it seems to get rid of the old bind.

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