Dedicated PhysX card

  • On Saturday I decided to tinker as hobbyists do. So this unusual build happened
    Specs: Msi GTX580 sli
    GTX650 2gb ddr5 as my dedicated physX card…

    I posted the pictures as public and got quite a lot of views tbh.

    Today I cam across another such build

    It makes one big difference apparently using a Dedicated PhysX card in an already sli setup.
    Not sure how it will be for chivalry later today (when I fire it up) But other games with PhysX
    according to some sites will be much improved etc

  • hobbyist
    potato picture of monitor instead of screenshot

    looks good tbh, I bet you could keep all kinds of pink wafers warm in there hehe

  • I fired it up and tried Chivalry on my rank9 account on steam also as loin. It was very good and temps were all below 50
    of all the cards. Just a fast test as my boxset is to addictive atm hehe. Some screen shots were posted as loin on steam.
    The pink vault is not your area of expertise tbh. Any crumbs will be dna scanned and holmes will be
    on the case from 221b Baker st

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