Low rank servers ruin the game.

  • I have nowhere to play at all (US East) TO 32 players is about all I ever played of this game. I come back, I see 4 servers at 32 players, full. Great! They are ALL 1-15. … What? Who decided to have this low rank only shit? I can only get to play with 20% of the population of this game? Is this a sick joke? I’d have to buy the game again just to get people to play with. This is some absurd shit.

  • Ya it’s really dumb. But they’ll all eventually rank up and be locked out of the low rank servers too. Just a matter of time.

  • I rarely see a US East server TO nowadays, but usually find a central one with a good enough ping.

  • Not necessarily. I’d wager a large portion of the community will always be the noobs. I doubt most people get that high ranks before they stop playing. Thats just life, most people don’t stick to one multiplayer game for so long. Well, I filter by ping (100 and less), its all low rank.

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