Server Lockers

  • If you’re a person who has done this, fuck you. So I’m just going from server to server, looking to do a lil bit of stomping here and there right?

    So I find this little 3 man ffa. Now, I like 3 man ffa because it’s very easy to keep track of everyone, and it’s a fairly fun stomp compared to a 32 player ffa server on arena. I join, and boom. Instantly vote kicked. I get infuriated, type baddies in the chat and call them all communists. I take them each down about twice before the kick gets me.

    So now I’m thinking, whatever man. There are loads of other small ffa servers. I go to another one, same scenario. Different players. All I’m thinking is, this is cancerous. Next thing you know, I’m grabbing 4 friends and clearing out each and every small man ffa server in chivalry.

    Frankly, I don’t care if you have a few buds and you just want to privately do your own thing. Buy a server and put a real lock on it, that’s what they’re meant for. Until then, acknowledge the fact that these are public servers, and not yours to occupy in spite of everyone else. Until this is acknowledged, I will wipe out every small man ffa server in chivalry >.>

    I’d like to know how often this happens to you fine people.

  • I’d say this happens to me about 2/3 of the time I go into one of the servers you described. You have 2-3 players in them, they usually either immediately vote kick you as you said, or they’ll all try to jump you (which in my opinion is really fun, 3v1 :D) but when they fail and you end up killing all three, there’s that “I’m bad” votekick for you and you get kicked out.

    If I’m online and not doing anything. I’ll gladly join you in removing these malicious players from these servers that could get populated if it wasn’t for those dicklipped tards.

  • Thats what happens when you dont have enough active admins.

  • Yep I go on my servers and find small group of people on it. If they votekick me I kick the lot of them.

  • It used to happen to me a fair bit, but since the green servers have come in it hasn’t happened again.

  • Lol, since we here in Brazil doesn’t have a lot of servers, this is never a problem. At least I never had this kind of problem, and I play this shit for 930h. What happens here sometimes, is the duel server with like 2 guys. I go in and they just rematch… Worse when they are 2 archerscrubs.

    Well, if your playing with noobs, then try to comunicate with them, they are probably training or trying to have some fun without getting crushed (in a egoistical way, of course…). Use your veteran skills to teatch them some technics, then you trample them and they will probably even like it :) It works in the duel situation I told ya. You don’t fight toxicity with toxicity, it never works.

  • I never have anything like this happen to me.

    I only get kicked when I’m being a straight ass, or when I’ve upset some pansy who has friends on.

    Although, this might have something to do with the fact that I only stay in servers with at least 1/3-1/2 lvl 40+ player ratio.

    I for one can’t stand noob stomping.
    There is something wrong with trying to make a person hate a game.

  • leo and i did this in horde mode

  • huggles confirmed imperialist scum

    Why are you complaining about getting kicked? It’s fair to kick someone who tries to ruin the fun, but i’m a communist so.

  • Yeah, it happens. Fuck people who do this.

  • @ashvins:

    huggles confirmed imperialist scum

    Why are you complaining about getting kicked? It’s fair to kick someone who tries to ruin the fun, but i’m a communist so.

    I’ll pick my teeth with your failed stimulus packages.

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