Region / Ping locking

  • Recently I’ve been on a bit of a DW binge. It’s a surprisingly fun game, when everyone playing has a very low ping. However, this isn’t the case in DW. In MW the occasional high ping will join the game, and he will be booted for it. In DW, many high pings join east coast servers, and by high ping we’re talking 250+ ping constantly. Because there are enough of them, most votekicks to remove high ping players will fail.

    Kindly Torn Banner, please put region locks / ping limits on official DW servers. The highest ping you should be allowed in a DW server is 150, and that’s being generous. Anything over 150 completely breaks the gameplay, these players become unflinchable due to most weapons having very low wind up times. Also I remember there being a discussion of server tick rates being only 30, and then you boosted them to 60 on MW. Has this been done for DW as well? Thanks for your consideration.

    I’m asking for this because it’s not just one or two players, it’s usually a fourth of the server with these extraordinary pings. The worst part is: they’re regulars on the East Coast servers. Regulars. Every time I hop on I see the same high ping players in the East Coast servers. You cannot boot them.

    I get that DW is a bit too much for you guys to handle with MW, considering that there hasn’t been a balance patch made for DW yet, or any new game modes introduced since the game has launched. Hell there are some outstanding bugs from beta such as vikings queuing up attacks incidentally after being parried. I’ll forgive all that. The game with high ping players though… this ruins whatever semblance of fun can be had from this game.

  • Well its what we’ve done.

    And our servers are 50-64 slot.

  • Only problem is that so few players are on nowadays that without these high ping retards the servers will be empty most of the time.

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