Remove health regen while gearing up a throwable.

  • As it stands spartans will regen health if they ready a throwable, but not stamina (thank god). This is an extremely unfair advantage for a weapon that already one shots 90% of classes with a chest shot, because without a shield the only way to dodge a spear is to serpentine/jump around which gives the spartan precious seconds to regen.
    I haven’t tested vikings yet to see if they can do it too but I assume they can.

    It seems like an oversight but come on guys, this is ridiculous.

    Also fix Plant the Banner, what the hell, the gamemode has been broken since launch, what’s taking so long o.0?

  • Yep I agree, also shouldn’t regen while aiming with crossbow or bows either. I control so many fights so easily by doing this, especially on Spartan and Viking.

  • Slowing it way down would be nice as well

    The regen speeds in DW are incredibly fast

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