To my brothers in arms, I both apologize and thank tremndously

  • NorseDragon here, if you have played frequently in the past month, you may be wincing at that name remembering my megaton ping.

    At last my journey is at an end, I have unlocked all weapons in Deadliest Warrior (I already have had the Medieval Warfare weapons unlocked before I moved out here.)
    To those of you I have burdened with my enormous satellite internet induced lag, I apologize. And to those good souls who have tolerated it, I thank you tremendously for allowing me to finish my mission.

    “Why?!” You guys must be wanting to ask.

    I’ve been long playing Chivalry since Age of Chivalry’s second year of '08. Hell, I remember stumbling on its site a year before that while Googling things about the middle ages when it was still in production, and groaned when I found it was still in development!

    When Chivalry was in development, my little laptop, although decent in playing AoC, wasn’t good enough for me to test it, well lets just say that my brother at least got a beast with a quadcore processor in time, because it wasn’t long after that Chivalry was open for pre-ordering- I pounced it.

    Well about this time, we were also looking for a new home, one deeper out in the country.
    Found this nice abode and land, however the last owner claimed it had high-speed internet. Lies, but the lack of online play is still a nice tradeoff. Do you guys hear owls where you live, and frequently? I do, and its beautiful!

    Anyways, I didn’t know if weapons were unlocked in Medieval Warfare, but that didn’t matter at the time, it was still a month or two after its release that I moved, and it didn’t take me long to nab them all.

    Although online play was no long possible after moving last year, wincing at my 900 ping when I first tried, so fortunately there is a solo play option, making due with bots, which I enjoyed at least ever since. (Although I miss the challenge of living opponents.)
    I sighed with relief yet again that all weapons were unlocked before time.

    Then, then….
    …the expansion happened.

    I was going to let it be, I did for a while. But both a Chivalry and history enthusiast, who who was drooling at what he was seeing advertized- I couldn’t resist.
    I had to go for it.

    So again, I have unlocked all weapons at least, I’m finished playing online, that is until that day, that a better internet option is available.
    Again, my deepest apologies to those I’ve burdened in my daily month long 900 ping induced crusade. And my thanks to those who have tolerated me.

    And thank you Torn Banner, for the wonderful Training Mode, as well as the ability to change maps and add bots in them via console!

  • Sophax here, Np man I loved playing with you on DW. We kicked some ass as vampires and werewolves against those zombies.

    But yea I agree that owls are a pretty good trade off.

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