Attach to Actor server-side problems.

  • So for anybody who has playtested my beta map, you will notice the box picking up is slightly bugged.

    I remember reading a while ago about I think Massive and his Grail having similar issues.

    Basically I have the boxes attach to the actor at b_spine_D.
    However in game, they seem to attach to the pelvis of the players with no rotation values based on the player.

    Offline, it all works fine, when the player bends down, the box stays on his back, in game though, the box only rotates based on the player’s front facing direction, it does not bop around with the player, so it looks very static.

    I figure maybe because b_spine_D is not a base joint that we can’t attach things to it, so maybe b_pelvis, we can?

    b_Root unfortunately is just the root of the skeleton and while should attach, will not give the effect of the box moving with the player.

    Can anybody comment on this. Particularly Massive, since I am pretty sure you had issues too.

  • i couldnt find any bone taht would take an attachement. however something will attach and rotate with the actor. i use such a proxy attachee which ends up being somewhere at the centre of the actor as the base actor for a seond atachement. In this way my grail rotates with the actor / charecter.

  • Did you try any of these by chance? They seem to be “attach” bones for weapons, but not entirely sure if it would work in this case.
    If you haven’t attached the grail to these bones, it might be worth checking. I am doing a heap of testing on my map in the next few weeks, so I will shout out and let you know if any of them work :D

  • I cant remember tbh it was some tine ago. I tried attachment names as well as several bone name i recall.

  • @MassiveChaos:

    I cant remember tbh it was some tine ago. I tried attachment names as well as several bone name i recall.

    Oky doke, well i’ll definitely make sure to keep you posted :D
    I would be keen to hear what the devs know about this.

  • I got mine to work by setting the bone to none.

  • @LATTEH:

    I got mine to work by setting the bone to none.

    Setting bone to none doesn’t make the attachment bounce around with the player animation though, it is very static, it translates with the player X, Y, Z, not a bone’s X, Y, Z.

    My players carry boxes on their backs in one objective, and if the box is attached to none, if the player bends down or looks up, the box just stays in the one place, if the player jumps up and down, moves in a direction, the box moves with the player, but it does not bob around with him when set to none. :(

    Just to let you all know,I tried b_weaponattackb to no avail.
    I will try b_l_shoulderattach next.

  • Just tried all of the other bones, all of them failed. However I think I have found a way, I shall test it out first!

    I even tried attaching a socket name as the bone. This seemed to move the object to the socket, but did not seem to animate it based on the player animation, at least not server-side.

    I’m wondering if I need to create a server to client bridge or something….this is becoming a bit of a pain :P

  • yeah i tried everything i could think of too - all of the above :-(

    i did play with client side approach - it was some time ago - seemed to fail pretty early on as i recall

  • I have to do a brute force method of updating position and rotation at run-time. I haven’t tested this in a large server yet. I have tested in a private one, and it works, however it is a bit jittery in it’s positional and rotational updates, but still looks better than players with boxes for chests :P

    It would work if I scripted them as an actual object that players can carry, but if I do that, the map turns into a mod doesn’t it? Which would make it null and void of the contest.

  • Have you already tried one of these “snapping points”?

    This is a “Bone=LeftHand” in “Attach to Actor” and looks quite funny^^

  • Yeah, tried those, they snap to the point, but they do not animate with the skeletal mesh. It might be possibly due to my actors being a kactor.

    I am going to try an interpactor instead, just to see if they work. Because it really SHOULD work on the sockets, but because when a player drops a box, it has to fall to the ground, hence I am using a Kactor. An interpactor won’t do that :(
    However I am thinking I would much rather better carry animations than a better function for dropping the box.
    I’d much rather the box just reset it’s position if dropped if it means that the carry animation is good, but both are obviously with drawbacks.

    I’ll try with an interpactor on the sockets instead of Kactor and see how I go.

    Also, I think the only thing that would work is a Skeletal mesh actor with it’s own bones. I did try this, but I think it was still a Kactor…I can’t remember now lol.
    And it’ll always work offline, did you test online?

    Tried with an interpActor. Offline, it works fine (surprise surprise), online, it does not attach at all, the box just stays in it’s original spot. :(

    Also tried with a skeletalMeshActor, still no luck online, works fine offline though (I thought I tried it before…I was right :P)

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