Dagger buff and bubble reduction

  • For people that dont know: bubble introduction was the reason why daggers got buffed. In Patch 22 bubble got reduced by 60% so that dagger buff is, in my opinion, not so necessary now. There are three options now:

    a) revert dagger buff completely - it’s pretty simple, just revert these changes from CU1 Patch 2
    Broad and Thrust Dagger size increased by 20%
    Hunting Knife size increased by 40%
    Thrusting Dagger overhead damage from 45 to 50 and stab from 40 to 45

    b) nerf dagger size accordingly to the bubble reduction - reduce size buffs by 60% and remove damage buff on thrusting dagger
    Broad and Thrust Dagger size increased by 12% instead of 20%
    Hunting Knife size increased by 24% instead of 40%

    c) leave it as it is now - simply dont change anything

  • daggers are at a good spot atm

    even before the bubble they were too short to really use

  • Visually I dislike how big they are now. Gameplay wise, they’re still extremely easy to force players to miss with footwork and lean backs. Plus even with the bubble reduction, that old issue of lagging collision box causing players to slightly bounce back still exists, it’s just less noticeable than it was pre-bubble reduction. If there are any changes regarding daggers, I want hunting knife to get back its old overhand slash animation. It was much quicker and far more frightening for the victim.

    Voted to leave as is

  • @Gauntlet:

    Visually I dislike how big they are now.

    Yeah, hunting knife looks like leuku now instead of hunting knife.

    Daggers are fine. Even the dreaded thrusting dagger is easy to matrix.

  • I’ve always been a noob with the daggers and always felt like they could use a little bit more range so >I< could actually use them. But hey, the thrusting dagger archers quickly cured me of that thought.

    Not only is that shit fast as lightning, but in their hands, it also seems to have unlimited range and has the potential to deal broadsword damage. So you yeah.

  • miss, free hit, miss, free hit

  • These weapons shouldn’t even be in the game. Virtually skilless to use and effective if either player in an engagement has like 90 ping. There is no place in this game for spammy retard weapons.

  • Broad Dagger and Hunting knife is balanced, Thrusting dagger is kinda overpowered though, needs to be nerfed.

    I think Hunting Knife and Broad Dagger shall keep the scaling, though thrusting dagger should have both its scaling and damage redcued

  • The changes I would suggest to balance the daggers, rather than nerfing them down to the point where they will become useless.

    First of all, reducing the Thrusting Dagger’s Attack2 from 50 to 40. It was a completely stupid idea of Tibbs to completely buff Thrusting Dagger like this in the first place, I personally wouldn’t mind that base damage, if it had been put on Attack3, but no. It was put on a Combo-able attack2. Base Damage on Attack3 can remain the same, maybe reducing Attack1’s base damage a tiny bit to make it useless for slash attacks, and perhaps tone down the re-scaling.

    and to make daggers / knives uselful. They should remove the backstab modifier for the Archer class, and add a exclusive 50-75% damage increase on backstab.

    This will make daggers excellent for attacking an opponent from behind, and rather weak to fight someone face to face.

    Also, it’ll give the Man-at arms a reason to pick the daggers aswell.

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