[WIP] HordeTown - horde map

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    So I decided to make this. It’s a horde map. It’s got a horde. It also has an army of skeletons. The map is quite early on and I’m definitely open to any feedback or ideas anyone has. I’m just going to go ahead and paste what I already wrote on the workshop page:

    HordeTown has three distinct areas to progress through. The first is the town centre, the horde attacks you from all sides. In the middle of the zone is the Sword And Shield Inn, for all your mercantile needs.

    Save up enough money after upgading your gear and prepare to head towards the church in zone 2. Purchasables are located at the church on one end, while the horde approaches from the other end.

    If you haven’t had enough, make your way through the four locked gates on the road to the third and final zone. The gates all have an equal cost, either unlock them all at once by yourself or progress though them with your allies as you save up the gold. Right now zone 3 is very rough, I’ve spent most of my time there on the end game mode.

    To activate the end game mode - the final round one way or another - and to try your luck at beating HordeTown, buy the flaming chest just past the gate and awaken the army of darkness!

    …also enemies pop out of graves.

  • Map sounds very cool, but I can’t find a single server running it :(

  • Looks awesome, would be nice to play some horde.

  • How do you host a server with that horde Mod map? I tryed everything but it didn’t work. HELP! Help me! Heeheheheeeelp!

  • I love the mod but the server keep crashing. We we are at wave 10-17, everyone pings climb to 500 and the client froze.I play mostly hard mode, don’t know if its the same on easy.

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