Creating a teleporter

  • Hey there, complete nub to the SDK here.

    Simple question. How do I make an interactable object that teleports you to another position?
    No effects, no delay, just plain simple position change.
    Ideally it will say “Teleport to Area Name” when you aim your cursor over it. Pressing E teleports you.
    Can this just be applied to a static mesh? (and yes, I do know how stupid I must sound atm to more experienced users of the UDK)

  • I wasn’t quite sure how to do one myself so I tried it out. Here is the teleporter I’ve made, it’s components and the kismet:

    It consists of a trigger that for the player to interact with for the teleportation sequence, a target for the location the player is teleported to and, a dynamicTriggerVolume which causes the HUD text to be displayed when touched by the player.

    the pink circles that don’t look like a target in Kismet are objects that store the player for teleportation and HUD display.

    The end result is when a player walks onto the circle at the bottom, “‘e’ to teleport to platform” is displayed and when they press ‘e’, they are teleported to the platform.

    The problems with this setup are that the teleported player faces where the target points rather than the direction that they were facing when they teleported (may not be a problem depending on what you are doing), The HUD Text only displays once for a set time (probably and easy fix) and, to teleport you have to be looking towards the center of the circle. The latter in your case may be useful, put a static mesh in the center and it would seam that people are interacting with it to teleport.

    here is a .zip of my .udk file for you to have a look at, its all Torn Banner content so it should work when opened.

    I would recommend you look at some tutorials on Youtube, there are quite a lot. At least watch some to understand what my teleporter does in Kismet for you do duplicate.

  • Developer

    Just to expand on that a bit, if you want the trigger to not require you to be looking at the center, uncheck ‘aim to interact’ on the used event in kismet. Also, now I don’t know if this would work on a server mind you, but to get the player to have the same rotation after teleportation you should just be able to get and store the pawn’s rotation and then set it on your target point. I also stored the target point’s location because it seemed to be getting set, uhh, somewhere else if I had nothing plugged into location on my set action.

  • Tyler, in the teleport node, there is a toggle to “Update Rotation” I just untick that, and the player rotational data is kept it seems :)

    So you could do what Tyler did with the AOCtriggervolume and trigger_dynamic, and remove the getter/setters for location/rotation, and just teleport the instigator of the trigger_dynamic, making sure that “Update Rotation” is unchecked on the teleport node.

  • Thank you so much for this guys!

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