• I thought they already had started that.

  • @Retsnom:


    Yeah more wikipedia…… how about going to the actual source?

    Double standards.


    I thought they already had started that.

    How so?

  • @gndo:

    Why hasn’t the U.K. government gone crazy yet then? Is it only a matter of time until they start getting all tyrannical?

    you should watch V for Vendetta

  • @Flippy:

    “If I type this massive wall I’ll win the argument.”

    “Fuck he replied with another wall. I’ll skim it and then write another wall proving his general idea wrong.”

    “Now he’s contradicting himself! I’m gonna point it out then write another wall.”


    It would be so much easier if you guys just posted a paragraph or two. Nobody is gonna read massive walls of text on a forum.

    I guess then don’t participate if you don’t want to read.

  • @Kreittis:

    I’m just amazed how long this thread has become. I mean really, who cares about politics and shit mayne

    How dare you complain tbh. Some of us like the very long text walls, the white is pleasing to the eye.
    Like white noise is enjoyed by the ears. Some of these wall producers are having very deep debates with high walls.

  • @loin:

    How dare you complain tbh. Some of us like the very long text walls, the white is pleasing to the eye.
    Like white noise is enjoyed by the ears. Some of these wall producers are having very deep debates with high walls.

    haha pretty much

    writing walls takes too long so i dont put too much effort into my posts

    also most people would be too dumb to read them anyway

  • @Brutus:

    Provide me the evidence ……

    While you pose semi interesting counter arguments, all you have really done is twist my words to suit your agenda. There is plenty of proof of what I have stated and very simple google searches would prove me correct once you get past the liberal spin of shit. The fact is that there is no valid source that you would deem worthy of credibility, in most cases when you ask for proof. That is the beauty of your argument in asking for proof… You will simply discredit and spin so that it “proves” your point. That is basically how propaganda works. Congrats.

    You made the most important facts about our founding fathers and their relevant history, “irrelevant” when in fact it is very relevant because you have made the fatal flaw of applying modern social morays to antiquity and saying “see… blah blah… if and so…” Sorry but ignoring history in context shreds any credibility to your argument. By “after the fact, arm chair quarter backing”, you have negated the facts and actual history and again your logic and argument fails. In addition, by following the ideas of rewriting history to fit modern agendas also makes all of you points mute because you have failed to understand the reality of the circumstances at the time. Viewing history with myopic political agendas also does you no favors.

    In many cases poverty is a choice and not a very good one at that. I grew up very poor. The second youngest and a step child to a very poor white trash family of 8 kids, where my step father actually married his first cousin after my mom finally had the courage to leave the abuse. This was after 10 years of beatings for both my mom and my brother and me while being the only white people in the hood.

    We never had money, were surrounded by violence and drugs. Shit, every single one of my step brothers spent time in jail over drugs. I dont even want to tell you what my sister Charlotte when to the pen for. But we never ever took welfare. It was an insult to do such a thing back then. It meant you failed and suck at life. So my step dad work us and his ass off, year round cutting trees in the summer and chopping firewood and delivering it in the winter. Us kids were cheap labor but we had all we could eat most of the time even though it was crap food and we had our own garden and my mom canned vegetables. Hell I didnt know what Mc Donalds tasted like till I was like 11. Forget pudding pops and fruit roll ups and lunchables. It was bag cereal, PB&J and baloney sandwiches with lots of hand me down cloths that didn’t fit.

    We, my brother and I, both chose to never be that way and both me and my brother self educated ourselves. My brother owns Hollywood Sound and Lights which after almost 20 years of being a sound engineer for every major band on the planet, started his own company. He has severe dyslexia and never when to college, let along graduate high school. He taught himself and made his own opportunities by clawing his way to the top. Gene Simmons, The Rock, Martina McBride, Tate Stevens and many others are on his contact list on his freaking phone.

    I have owned and operated many businesses to varying degrees of success and failure, invested and lost lots of money that I made and earned working in restaurants for years. Having owned 2, an event planning company, home remodeling company, graphic design/web/I.T. company. all self taught. Now I am working for a major accounting firm in the US as an I.T. consultant making damn good money for what I do. All choices made from the fucking white trash ghetto of Kansas city. I made lots of mistakes and I own every single one of them but the failures made me stronger. So don’t even tell me about choices and opportunities. You make them. Being born into a situation or whatever PC bullshit you tried to spin is exactly that, spin and bullshit excuses. You have done nothing but glorify the lifestyle of victim-hood. Where it is never your fault but the fault of the man… the evil white racist conservative devil to be precise. Ugh… This is where you tell me to check my privileged bullshit…

    You also completely missed the point on many topics that I have discussed and I am afraid that it maybe too much as I am a big picture thinker and I use the overall facts. Granted it does not apply fully on an individual basis which I believe is what you are arguing. So thus it is apples and oranges.

    The difference between being a slave to the government because you are dependent upon them and working a job is that you can always change jobs and advance in your career where as if you are dependent upon the government, the only way you can advance is to vote for people who promise you more and deliver.

    That article among many prove that you can always change jobs but not change the government subsidies of your life style when you are a dependent on the state. Being a slave means you have no choices and are forced to comply. Working for companies that best fit you and your upward mobility is key.

    Shall I continue? Shit there are freaking millions of 50K a year jobs that go unfilled or they cannot find or keep qualified employees….

    However, your continued attempts to apply your logic to mine also leads to different conclusions because you simply do not accept the facts and demand proof that you will not accept from any source.

    Example: America went from primitive farming to feeding the world and sending men to the mood in less than 200 years. The history of technology and its development in the last 200 years is mostly from America, that is really all the proof that you need. No other country in the history of man has done that in such a short time. It was all do to giving freedoms to the individual and allowing them to reap the rewards of their inventions. I have overly simplified the argument for the sake of time. But the proof is all around you. When was the last time Islam created or invented or discovered anything since like the 13th century?

    In addition, your incredibly weak attempt at calling me Marxist is not only wrong but simply retarded and intellectually dishonest. If you are talking about the rights of the individual then you have to include personal responsibility. This is absolutely key. In other words, you are responsible for your poor decisions and should have to live with them unless they are so bad that you do indeed need a hand up. But that hand up should require service, action, education and increased responsibility to learn another skill or trade.

    Now this is completely different from charity and charitable works for those that are truly not able. The problem is that we have redefined what makes someone eligible for disability by lowering the standards that that pretty much anyone can qualify with just about any excuse. But for those that are truly handicapped, there are many charities and the rich give more than you know. But it is never enough for the envious and the class warfare mongers.

    Now lets look at your perfect example of socialism… the Veterans Administration and single payer health care of which I am a veteran and a member. It fails. Administrators are getting bonuses while veterans have to wait and die.

    Then you post this drivel…
    “Then you went to a bad school, or were bad at learning. Public high school I will grant you is pretty dismal. However, people can and do learn many marketable skills in school and college, and that’s an easily demonstrable fact, so that argument falls flat. The notion that all parents should home school their children, pay for tutors (which is basically the same thing but more expensive) or send them to private school is unfeasible for a variety of reasons. Economically, many people can’t afford private school, many of which have a yearly tuition matching or exceeding the tuition of private colleges. In addition, the fact that most people must work for a living means that they would have comparatively little time to home school their children in an adequate fashion. That’s not even taking into account the fact that the parents must have the knowledge to impart to their child on myriad subjects in the first place, and then the skills necessary to teach effectively as well. Many parents would not have the requisite knowledge in all the fields required, and even those who do possess such knowledge may not have the teaching skill necessary to impart that knowledge.”

    So what you are saying is that people still learn in public school and spend thousands in college and learn many marketable skills? Really? How many qualified college kids have you employed? I can tell you that they are mostly all idiots and sadly I have hired a few. The American education system is travesty and an indoctrination system that cares more about your self esteem that you actually learning math, history, English, and science. They care more about teaching you about gay sex and masturbation than actually teaching you how to read. But hey, here is a participation trophy. Forget about PE or GYM class, that is too much of a liability and you might injure yourself so to keep you young, vibrant, and hyper body for fidgeting, here is some Ritilen and Prozac.

    Then you have the college queens that have 4 years of learning how to party, with condoms! Only to get worthless degrees and are 60K + in debt because they majored in psychology, Poly-Sci, philosophy and any number of retarded degrees that are completely worthless in the real world. These idiots are not even qualified to be a social worker and don’t have the skills of the average fast food worker. But damn they sure read a lot of the liberal agenda. This is on top of the self entitled bullshit of them expecting to leave college making anything above $30K is a joke. What the fuck happened to working your way to the top. Key work… Working…

  • College is an opportunity, not an automatic betterment of your situation. Many people do not make the most of it. That doesn’t mean the entire system should be shut down.

  • This is 2014. You can’t self teach yourself and expect to get a job. Mainly because there’s 80 other qualified people wanting that job. So you could we as good as them but there’s no piece of paper proving that.

    And America got rich because everyone else beat the crap out of each other. Words wen profited off WW1 and WW2.

  • america was rich before ww1, the american dream bro

    stop spreading misinformation

  • @zombojoe:

    america was rich before ww1, the american dream bro

    stop spreading misinformation

    My mistake. Murican dream mayne.

  • @dudeface:

    College is an opportunity, not an automatic betterment of your situation. Many people do not make the most of it. That doesn’t mean the entire system should be shut down.

    No body said shut it down, I just dont want to pay for others failures in choices and bad decisions. But the system is completely broken specially in primary schools in the public sector. This is what happens when unions and liberals run amok.

  • I know more about murica then you lot because I have hbo and all the best films on dvd. You have mc nulty and adama
    plus sylar , what better role models could you ask for I lovem tbh hehe.

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