[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - Belmez

  • I have to find more time to check this better one day

    but what I’ve noticed already is
    overlaping music

    disable persistent music in jukebox in world properties…… aocmapinfo

    ohh and btw
    yesterady I had also issue with that flag bug
    but we were only 2 guys on serevr so I thought its normal and cant progres cuz I was alone in Agatha

    so it’s good you r aware of it and know how to fix

    really aweosme map :)

    and fire arrows :)…

  • Quick update:

    I’ve been working on the flags today, and some of the bugs seem now fixed. We will soon update the map in the workshop with this and more fixes.

  • This map is so much fun. All it needs is some sort of siege tower objective, probably with the one where you gotta’ push the cart. Siege towers make every TO so much better.

    Anyway I hope this gets added to officials soon, really want to vote this map in a lot.

  • 1st Update Released !!!

    General Changelog:

    • framerate improved in the swamp / 1st objective
    • flag bugs + 2nd objective not ending bug solved (feedback needed)
    • music + audio improvements
    • added chimes music to the Castle
    • added cover (against archers) for central pyre in 1st objective + for the road beneath the barn in 3rd objective
    • swamp path deadend near Siege camp connected to offer more mobilty to Agatha
    • tower containing spiral stairs rebuilt to solve awkward bug when walking in the ground floor.
    • removed weapon collision at the top of the siege ladders
    • game / chat messages improved
    • steepness + collision problems solved

    Objective Changelog:

    • 1st Objective: softened for Agatha (pyres extinguish sooner)
    • 2nd Objective: hardened for Agatha (Mason banners take more hits)
    • 4th Objective: Masons spawn backwards when cart burns + dont wait till burnt door animation is complete (they’ll defend the dungeon sooner)
    • 5th Objective: Agatha King will also have Kill/Defend HUDs (currently only Malric did)

  • 10/10 map, just needs some minor polish, optimization in the swamp and timer rebalancing. Awesome work.

  • hahaha XD

  • Your sword looks a little short, if you know what I mean.

  • Hahah Yarnu! You have no respect for the ruins of the temple. Its a sacred place!

    As I know you guys love screens, this is me playing around with a few dozens of bots and the second rocks basket we have placed at the walls.

    We will soon release a new update of the map, there have been major changes to the Crypt, heavy optimization at the swamp, objective balancing changes to the pires (swamp objective), and many minor fixes!

    Remember there is a 24h Belmez server running!

  • Very swagg screen nigga

  • I said in game, the best part is the wall attack, it’s strange, because defending is funnier than attacking , pushing ladders and stones hahah, last part is a little confusing, but playing 2 times, solve the problem

  • Magnificent!
    but the objective #1 might be hard for Agatha. Running a long ways repeatedly makes some people VoteChangeMap.
    I’m looking forward to optimization.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys!


    I have shortened the swamp on Agatha’s side for the next release. The distance is quite less and Masons will only have 4 paths to reach the Siege camp (I removed the central one). I also extended the fishing harbour behind the Main tent (so there is less bottleneck around the central pyre). The 1st objective should be, overall, easier and less of a marathon.

    I am also working on a heavy optimization of the swamp framerate and on an expansion of the catacombs to provide an alternative passage to reach the dungeon.

    The next update will be released tomorrow so we can enjoy the map all the weekend.

  • I really love the map guys, hard for me to say this, but I can see this being number 1 winner of the contest ;)

    The only criticisms are:

    • Attackers have to run too long in the first objective and is the biggest complaint when playing online, but should be easy for you guys to resolve the issue.
    • The swamp is designed to have little dead-end trap type areas, which is cool and funny, but it’s also very frustrating.
    • The swamp “pools” or…dead zones are a bit wierd, and seem a bit out of place for a swamp, they are just really deep pockets of deadly water :P
      I understand this is to push players to different directions and pathing, but under archer fire and having no cover, attackers have to not only worry about the long run, and falling in water, but they also have to worry about getting shot and having to go all the way back to spawn again…it’s very frustrating, but easily fixed.
    • My solution to the swamp area is to add tall swamp reeds and rocks, also remove the deep pools of water. The tall swamp reeds would provide visual cover, but not physical cover, making it difficult for defenders to predict where attackers will emerge from. The rocks would provide physical cover.
      Performance should not be an issue if these tall swamp reeds are modelled as patches of reeds, rather than individual. That should help with any performance issues if there might me any as a result.
    • Pushing cart up hill towards the keep felt like an archer spam fest, an easy way to resolve this would be to add some cover, I think the cart provides enough moving cover anyway. While it didn’t really bother me that much, lots of people have complained about it while I have played.
      Also, the cart is really heavy, and I think to myself “wouldn’t this just roll back down the hill?” It’s not really a hugely important thing, just something worth thinking about when designing something, is the feasibility of it. Overall though, feasible or not, gameplay rules over feasibility :P That’s just me being picky hahah.
    • The objective where we have to free the lord felt like I was jumping into a Mason mosh pit of death when I was attacking.
      Nearly every play through i’ve played, the attackers stall on that objective, and only succeed due to us normally having about 20+ mins to complete it, and because 1 or 2 of us have worked out that we can run through their team and get one hit on the lock if we are lucky before dying, so if we keep doing that, it will break and obj will finish.
      Last time I played, I decided I wouldn’t do that, and the objective did not complete.
      I don’t know where Masons spawn, but they seem to spawn too close, or too frequently, perhaps a spawn delay will help with this, or moving spawns back so that Masons aren’t flooding the cells.
      I think that this objective is an easy fix for you guys :)

    Aside from my criticisms, I absolutely love the map, I think that it feels incredibly professional, and would love to see it as a winner, and become an official map. I don’t think I stand alone in those thoughts either! :D

    I look forward to my next time playing, because while I didn’t enjoy it my first time, the more I play, the more fun I find it is :)

    Well done guys, and keep up this amazing work!

  • Thanks for the feedback and suggestions Otreum!

    2nd Update will be released tomorrow. The main changes, related to what you pointed out, include:

    • Swamp on Agatha side has been shortened to a more reasonable distance. On top of this, I have removed the Masons’ central path to the Siege Camp, thus making it more difficult for them to entrench around it (I have also built a fishing harbour behind the main tent to avoid the bottlenecks thanks to Yarnu’s ideas ;) ).

    • Paths on the left flank have been removed (very few used them, as seen in our tests), thus making it easier for Agatha to attack in group.

    • Deadly waterholes have been reduced to a main one + I have improved the skull signals (and added a Common Tip on the chat)

    • I added dolmens and rocks in the chokepoints to act as cover against archers + Ill introduce the tall reeds you mention (lets see how they work out)

    • Performance has been drastically improved in the swamp (need some feedback from your 120 Hz monitors xD)

    • I have also added dolmens / rock cover to the 3rd objective aound the cart’s path. The cart’s weight is an issue yeah xD. We thought about rolling it back slowly, but this can mean a hell of a lot of difficulty if Masons do their job wisely + it makes the time of the objective vary too much.

    • I have also introduced more complexity to the Catacombs & Dungeon. Once inside, there will be an alternative passage + stairs downwards to the left of Agatha. This can prove useful to outflank Masons when they are entrenched (we’ll need some feedback).

    As I said, thanks for the feedback and compliments. It speaks very highly of you the effort you put in helping to polish orther competitors maps. Best luck with your map !! I would be glad to play test it, but my little spare time (lets hope this contest ends soon xD) is dedicated to this project. Cya on the battlefield !!

  • Well well, 2nd Update Released !!!

    General Changelog:

    • swamp shortened for Agatha
    • huge framerate improvement
    • added cover in the form of dolmens & rocks (specially for 1st and 3rd objective)
    • crypt expanded (includes a Pantheon) offering an alternative route to the dungeon
    • reduced swamp deathpits to 1 + improved the skull signs
    • added tactical & general tips
    • HUD revision in the last objective
    • added ballista for Agatha in the 2nd objective
    • added another “basket of stones” to the wall pointing vertically to cover one of the ladders
    • closed well the barricades to avoid running back the stages
    • decoration & general polish
    • time adjustment

    Objective Changelog:

    • 1st Obj: less marathons for Agatha + removed Mason path to the central pyre
    • 2nd Obj: added another route to the gate tower
    • 4th Obj: alternative route to dungeon + destroy door optional objective

    Here are a few screens of the massacre today at the 24h Belmez server

  • This map is awesome, I just played it for the first time this evening and was really impressed… Kudos to the creators!!

  • 3rd Update Released!

    General Changelog:

    • multiple minor fixes (collision glitches, blocking volumes etc)
    • added cover
    • added decoration
    • removed/disconnected from kismet: pickable fire arrows (server-client bug makes them deal damage sometimes/randomly)
    • we have also added LTS in the Crypt & Dungeon scenario


  • If you are allowed to tweak the map after the contest is over, the textures could still use better scaling because they’re incredibly blurry at some areas, and the optional objective announcements could be changed to chat messages.

  • This map is amazing. I can’t wait to play it eventually with a full server.

    The second objective where you attack the wall reminds me of this movie I saw once where they assaulted this castle with a similar siege tower construct but I can’t remember the name. Anyway, I love everything about this map.

    Highly recommend this map to anyone who likes FUN

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