Changes to dodge keybind mechanics?

  • Hello, lately I have noticed a problem with dodge keybind mechanics that happen only in Deadliest Warrior. It might seem like unimportant to you but it has screwed up my control layout that I have been using for a very long time.

    My control scheme is such that I have “jump” set to same key as “dodge”. When I sprint in game and press this key, it makes the character jump. Without sprinting, it does a dodge.
    It was working like this in DW until recently, when a small patch was applied which made it impossible to choose when to jump or dodge, because the character always dodges, with sprint or without.

    Is there a way to reverse or fix this somehow?

  • You can’t dodge while sprinting in CMW anyway.

  • Read again what I wrote - I do not wish to dodge while sprinting.

    In CMW, when I sprint, my “dodge/jump” key jumps, without sprint, it dodges.

    This is not working in DW (it used to).

  • I have big solution for you:
    bind them to separate buttons

  • I sense a bit of sarcasm in your post that I do not see was called for.

    Suggesting someone to change their control layout that they have been using for a long time in a skill-based game like Chivalry is not really helpful.

    I would actually rather not play the Ninja class at all than having to change a scheme that I feel second-nature with.

    CMW works normally, I was posting this to maybe let someone from Torn Banner see what they may have done wrong.

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