Votekick doesn't work at end-of-map

  • This was the second round in a row for this player to do this.

    Hitting Enter at this prompt does nothing during the end-map scoreboard. During the rest of the game, it works.

  • There is a damn good reason for that.

    After the map ends there’s 25 seconds till the next map.

    Votekicks take 30 seconds too complete.

    So even if you could initiate a votekick its pretty damn useless because it can’t complete before map change so the dude won’t get kicked anyway

    And what sort of low prick are you to want to votekick someone doing something harmless. Its the end of the round. Most people will be in the vote screen. And he’s trying to tell everyone to vote for the second map. If he’s doing that on the middle of a game by all means lock him but you are being completely. Unreasonable trying to kick someone at the end of a round anyway.

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