[CDW] Server Browser Broke

  • I cannot attest to when this started, however I noticed this bug today. 0 Servers show up in the server browser, I am unable to join any game. What I gather is the people on my friends list at least are experiencing the same problem, so I don’t believe it’s just me. I noticed the banner changed finally from Chivalry free weekend back to the normal message, so I’m assuming around the time this was changed, the server browser broke. Please fix this asap….LONG LIVE CDW

  • Are you using any filters?

    I was surprised after free weekend ended that there were still no servers up, turns out on my machine all the servers show as full all the time. It’s a bit annoying because you obviously can’t tell how many (or how few) people are in any of the servers :\ I’m UK and I find that if I just select a server that is “full” most of the time I get straight in and there are way fewer people in there than the server browser claims

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