Chivalry Dedicated Server steam tool is broken

  • I’ve tried downloading it multiple times, deleting various parts of my steam folder (such as appcache folder and clientregistry.blob), tried restarting my computer, tried going on my brother’s laptop downstairs and asked my friend over skype to do it and the same problem happens every time

    The software downloads instantly, created a folder of nothing and even steam says it’s 0 MB. Deleting local content just deletes the folder and nothing else

    I just thought i’d post this as i thought it may be related to the current server issues, im sorry if this isn’t the right place to post it but really i just wanted to be over and done with this post so i can get back to trying to play. I’ll monitor the thread while i desperately try and get a server to work, dont suppose anyone has the dedi files on their machine?:(

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