[SIGN-UPS] Knights Templar 5 vs 5 Tournament *Cash Prizes*

  • **************Congratulations, Loverboyz!

    • Won against Faucher in the Tiebreaker of the Tiebreaker of the Finals!
    • Currently the #1 5vs5 LTS Team in North America!
    • Won $150 USD as the Grand Prize!

    Notable Mentions:
    ********f |SoloCubbards : Golden Sword Award (Best Individual Melee Player)f | drumstick Meta: Golden Arrow Award (Best Individual Archer)

    For Full Results :
    **************http://challonge.com/KT5vs52014**and Twitch Streams:

    __________________________________________________ ____
    ****************************************************Prizes have been increased! :

    • A $150 in PayPal transferred to team leader****************************************************
      Bracket now live! : www.challonge.com/KT5vs52014
      Match Times (in conjunction with bracket) : TIMES

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    Hey Everybody!
    Knights Templar is going to host a 5 vs 5 Double Elimination Chivalry tournament on July 12-13, 2014.
    Feel free to sign up by commenting the following information:

    1. Team Name & Team Leader
    2. Five team member’s Steam/Forums Name
      *3) (optional) Two substitute players and Steam names
      4) (optional) Preferred server region (East Coast, CT, Pacific), if any ****
      *** Subs can be substituted when necessary if moderator is advised accordingly
      **** Not all matches can be played according to this preference, but we’ll try to set up as many as possible with it

    Main Regulations are:
    -Players are restricted to only 1 team
    -All classes and projectiles allowed
    -50% rule for all melee classes and maximum of 1 archer
    -Player’s ping has to reasonable without excessive teleports and game changing latency
    -Map is from a list of choices chosen by the winner of a duel between the forerunners of each team, loser chooses side


    • A $150 in PayPal transferred to team leader

    Registration is FREE!
    Please help spread the word and come have a good time fighting to the death with your friends!

    Donations will be accepted and if enough are accumulated, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be implemented. Link to donate will be posted soon!

    **Sign up today!

    **Current Sign-Ups, let me know if any changes need to be made :

    More Information:

    • ********Feints: Allowed

    • ********Format: 5 vs 5 LTS (Map decided by Duel)

    • ********Classes: All classes allowed, all projectiles allowed. Man at Arms dodge out of flinch will not invalidate a rounds results.

    • ********Server: Knights Templar {EGOS ON THE LINE} (Password will be revealed closer to the day of the Tourney)

    • ********Friendly Fire: 100%

    • ********Third Person: Disabled

    • ********Modifications: N/A

    • ********Class Balance: N/A

    • ********Duel: N/A

    • Map Selection: Chosen by winner of duel

    • ********Team Selection: Chosen by loser of duel

    • ********Projectiles: Allowed.

    • ********Winning Conditions: Standard LTS scrim rules. (Best 2 out of 3)

    • ********Referees: Myself (Woohoopy), John the Baptist, Jimmytryhard, Killendel (the Brave), Classified, Nohb’dy, and more maybe announced according to number of teams. EVERY MATCH NEEDS AN OFFICIAL REFEREE TO BE VALID.

    • ********In-match Rules: Execute good sportsmanship. You will get one warning. Further issues will lead to round forfeit and ban. A round will not be counted if any players on either team experience a lag spike, D/C, or teleport. In the event of a disconnect or lag spike, if the team can’t sort it out within 10 minutes they will forfeit the match.

    • ********Time: July 12-(13). If need be, any matches left will be played on the following weekend. The first match will start at 5:00PM CT July 12th. (This is subject to change if the starting time can’t accommodate many people). Brackets will be posted prior to Tournament with times and server information (double elimination). Brackets will include expected match times, this way, you don’t have to stick around for the entire tourney just to play your match. This revolutionary setup will save everyone time and maximize player energy and fun! If a team is more than 5 minutes late to their set match time, they will be disqualified. (NO EXCEPTIONS, sorry).

    • ********Roster & Roster Time Limit: Rosters and teams may be changed/added up to July 11th, 11:59PM CT. If you register afterwards, your team will be a SUBSTITUTE and will play in another team’s absence (WHICH IS PRETTY LIKELY).

    • ********Disqualification: If your team can’t play your match, all other teams will be allowed to play theirs. However if it loops back to your team and you’re still not ready, you will be DQ’d. If your team is ready before the entire loop is made, you have to play your match.

    • The tournament director, Woohoopy (myself) is allowed to change the rules as he sees fit up until the tournament begins.

    P.S. : If you or your clan has a competitive server and would like to help the tournament go faster, please let me know so that we can have parallel matches going (with a Knights Templar moderator spectating each match) and also please let me know the server location.

  • Team Lions signing up to rek

  • LTS with Archers. What a joke.

  • eww LTS what the hell

    if i sign up my team is going to win all the archer duels k

  • LTS with archers?

    K have fun with Skillz.

  • @Flippy:

    LTS with archers?

    K have fun with Skillz.

    I’ll see your Skillz and raise you a Zombo/Stark.

  • Soo…. 5 jav archers?

  • @Vesanus:

    Soo…. 5 jav archers?

    jav archers suck git wit the time EU scrubs

  • NA sure loves their archer LTS tournies.

    On the bright side, Nohb’dy is ref so this should be interesting.

  • Prepare for logical disqualifications.

  • NA sure loves their archer LTS tournies.

    Hey, ours was all melee. (Well it was Spook’s, I still wanted a TO)

    On the bright side, Nohb’dy is ref so this should be interesting.

    Tempest DQ’d for logical fallacies.

  • I think there should be a single firepot limit, double firepot’s super cheese, especially in LTS.

  • LTS is a bad game mode for competition

    hell there are only 2 maps that are actually balanced

  • If you don’t own a bmw or a Mercedes you get DQ from this tournament

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    If you don’t own a bmw or a Mercedes you get DQ from this tournament

    fuck there goes my chances

  • On topic, please.

  • My mom has an S class 4 door and I got an A in physics 100 last sem. Do I win tournament?

  • Did you tell them the Fov 90 Rule? no fish head squids should spoil my demo watching tbh.

  • eq will be singing up soon, looks pretty fun and even better with cash prizes.

    Awesome work Kt

  • @UnbornAssassin:

    eq will be singing up soon, looks pretty fun and even better with cash prizes.

    Thanks, looking forward to seeing you guys there!
    Good luck!

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