Combo feint to parry, I still don't fully understand it

  • Even after a lot of time in chivalry, I still dont understand cftp to the full extend. Heres how I think it works:

    While comboing into an attack, it allows you to press feint and then block, making it possible to block while still in windup? Is that correct? Would someone be so kind and explain it to me if I got it wrong?

  • See, the combo feint to parry has two parts: the combo feint…. and the parry!

    First, you combo into another attack. You feint that attack and after that, you parry. Simple, eh?

  • Thanks! So its the way I thought it works.

  • You are correct. The reason it works well is because combing into another attack is quicker than waiting for the recovery period of your non-combo’d swing to finish.

  • Combo negates the recovery time of an attack, you can feint out of an attack so you feint out of your combo to a parry. E-Z, only downside is the stamina cost.

  • Deliberately throw attacks at randoms when out of range and try to CFtP as they counter, then if you successfully defend yourself you did it right. :>. Ofc when your using it properly you wont want to be deliberately missing attacks, but its a good way of creating a situation in which you can practice the actual button combo

  • CFTP is a good way to run out of stamina

  • @zombojoe:

    CFTP is a good way to run out of stamina

    CFTP also makes for a funny sounding acronym

  • @NoVaLombardia:

    CFTP also makes for a funny sounding acronym

    Hey! Why don’t you do a video tutorial about it? Your work is good man.

  • You combo and then feint then parry.

  • If you were to perform a single strike and miss, the other person is free to hit you since there is no longer any parry during this recovery period or ‘recovery parry’. You would therefore go into attack recovery, which is not good if someone is ready to attack you quickly.

    Since this is true, if you know you’re about to miss a strike, in order to bypass the recovery time of a single swing, you would instead combo the attack into any other attack, feint at the BEGINNING of that attack, and then parry.

    This move effectively bypasses the recovery period of a single swing. You can do one of these at any combo.

    In practicality, it’s similar to feint to parrying out of a strike to avoid a hit trade, only done during a combo. Another way it is used is if say you actually land a hit on a target, and then another enemy is swinging at you while you are hitting them, It would be as if you’re going to combo at the other guy, realize he is going to hit you, and feint to parry out of it (which of course is another option).

    There is now also PiP, so you could combo feint to parry into parry, which is cftp and then you parry another guy attacking you right after ;)

    I will also mention that they cost more stamina than a man at arms dodge (just for laughs)

  • ive parried into parried a few times and it always gets me killed anyway because staying on the defensive gets you killed

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