Chat disappearance

  • Hello everyone !

    Since the server brower issue, after it was fixed, i can’t see any chat in any server, no one talk and i can’t talk in the chat or in the team chat. My input are correct : “y” and “t” for chat and team chat.
    So my question is : am I the only one to have this issue ? And how can i fix it ? :bi_polo:

    Thank you !


    PS: i can’t upload the Launch.log. file, it says -Invalid File

  • Is it possible the config settings for ‘disable chat’ have been ticked?

  • This happens to me every so often to, when a new map reloads it stops, my text will not show up while I am typing it in the chat box.

  • Oh my god ! :highly_amused:

    Yes, I have disabled the chat in the config settings … But I really though it was on false, but I check again, and it was true (fortunately !).

    Thanks for the help ! :calm:

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