Can't Run when holding Left Alt.

  • Today for some reason and often other times I cannot run when holding Left Alt and if I do hold it and I try to run my players stands still and does not move forward I can only move side to side. This is annoying as I hold Left alt to do a alternate running attack. Holding Left alt only works when im standing still and not trying to run or when im walking. I don’t know how to fix this can someone help me please.

  • I have run into a similar problem as I informed here:

    Please fix this, Torn Banner… it happened with that small patch

  • Sounds more keyboard-related IMO, patch-related or not.
    Keyboards have a general limit of keys that can be pressed simultaniously; I think the usual is around 3-4. Some function keys are excluded from the limit for obvious reasons.

    Even special gamer keyboards can only have 10 keys down at the same time. Which is not enough if you play a game where multiple people play on the same keyboard.

    So in short; I think it’s more keyboard-related than Chiv-related. Try different keybinds. It might even just be Lalt related.

  • Slendy, try if it works in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare…. If it does, it is a DW problem

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