AOCStaticMeshActor problem!

  • Ok, I’ve been doing destruction objective for team match and I can’t get rid of the statue. Basically there is a statue on a pedestal and you have to destroy it. I put them both for AOCstaticMesh and made destructible. Then I put a Kismet action to make the statue go away via toggle if pedestal gets destroyed but statue doesn’t go away.

    What did I do wrong?

    (Also, theres a crumbled statue which should appear after the stage is completed, but it’s just there, toggle doesnt work)

  • I’m not entirely sure whether or not the actors support the feature. I’ve had the same problem as you before.

    Fixed it by instead of toggling, I teleported the actors to some far away, unseen target point. Should fix both of your statues.

  • Yes, I actually was thinking about the same thing. Teleporting meshes instead of toggling, but I was wondering how did Torn Banner guys made it work originally. Because it works in the example map.

  • Or you could use “Destroy Actor”.

  • Destroy action works for me
    though I have used clasic Statimesh/interpactors actors only with this
    not AOCstaticmesh

    do you toggle with Toggle Hidden btw?


    dooh ohh,

    and when you set any actor Hidden in world properties it will be hidden forever
    you cant turn it on in kismet then

    so for such a purrposes hide it in kismet only on level loaded or start event in kismet

  • Oh okay. Thanks, destroy works like a charm but I still have to teleport the statue (like it falls)

  • try matinee for falling animation
    and then destroy


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