Constant crashing at the end of maps.

  • At the end of the maps cold front, stony hill, and citadel my game crashes. Every time. Once the map starts I have to finish and freeze. If I try to tab out, leave the server, or just finish and wait for the loading screen it just crashes.
    I love the game but I hate it constantly crashing like this. It kind of ruins the fun of it for me. I don’t know if something is wrong with my game or if it’s just my computer being old.

    launch.log refused to upload like the little brat it is so we’re just going to have to go without.

  • hodor that dell has a 400 watt power supply… with the video card you have, you might be over ya limit with electrical output, that card is a power hog. Do you you have a second card, less demanding? if you do, test it. Dells tend to make their pc’s just enough to make it. you might be able to upgrade that power supply but mostly likely not.

  • Have you tried running Chiv in 32 bit mode? A friend of mine has a similar CPU and had very long loadings and the game would crash when he quit it until he turned it on. Framerate increased substantially also.

    You could try reducing the number of ingame audio channels and a few extra .ini tweaks.

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