Question about server tickrate

  • Does the rate at which player character directions are refreshed measure of the actual server tickrate?


  • Here is an article that explains tickrate better than anyone here could.

    TL;DR: Tickrate is how many times the server updates the game world.

  • That doesn’t really answer my question, sorry.
    I’m basically asking if the restricted rate at which the direction of a player refreshes is directly tied to the server’s performance, or if it’s tied to the player himself. If it’s the former, I haven’t seen a single server in a while that can manage more than 15-20 fps, and that sucks.

  • These settings should really be at the console tbh. Back in the day Q3 on the site said for best game play use the
    same settings as server. ie rate 25000, snap 40, maxpackets 125 etc. Not sure how chivalry works but if the
    servers are using some special settings ie tickrates I’d suggest a motd or site that informs players what settings
    the server is using and to adjust there configs to match. A place for player net settings must exist in the players
    configs somewere tbh. buried in the config files might be the secret to sync a player and the server he joins imo.

    also the admin had a command that displayed all players settings on server. Some servers also could force
    settings as players joined so that could be an option for Chivalry admins setting force server settings as players

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