• Hello chivalrous community members, today I am here to bring you an LTS map. Of course there will be FFA versions, for both FFA and classic dueling (if people still do that:numbness:), CTF versions, and Duel game-mode versions.

    Quick BIO of the map: Xacar is an Agathian training installation deep in the vast forests of Arathane. It’s primary use was to train recruited soldiers for the crusade to Tenosia. After the crusade, Xacar wasn’t used very often, in fact, it was almost forgetten.

    I would like to thank Vesanus and Otreum for solving my shadow issues.


  • Version 2 is here! lighting revamp’d to a more daytime feel. Music added, still working to turn off the persistent default Chivalry map music (really wish a dev would answer meh forum post). Added some stuff to the map.

  • heyy I know why you have problem with music

    add “_p”

    at the end of your map name


    it will work then and also some other things that maybe was bugy will be fixed by this :)


    btw map looks super
    just I have not much time at the moment to test but one day I look at it :)

  • I will try that, thanks!

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