[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - Hideout

  • Hideout
    Map based on Cave Hideout

    Map created for the “Fortification Map Contest”

    AOCTO-Hideout_p features an Agathian mining village, that due to the civil war was taken by Mason forces. Malric ordered his favourite general and his troops to take the village, as it is a valuable place with a crucial strategic resource: Iron. Gameplay begins after the village was taken from the Agathians.

    Now choose your side/role: Attack and reclaim the village, save the townsfolk and defeat the Mason general responsible for this brutal takeover or defend the village and protect the general with your life! [More lore to come!]


    Objective #1

    Agatha: Capture the marketplace as well as the armory. You may use the ladders or break the gate.

    Mason: Defend both points. First spawn is on the palisade walls.

    Objective #2

    Agatha: Open the gate leading to the cave, after doing so, hold it and destroy the baricade within.

    Mason: Defend the gate and barricade.

    Objective #3

    Agatha: Similar to Citadel: Release the townsfolk forced to work in the mine/smelters.

    Mason: Guard the enslaved villagers!

    Objective #4

    Agatha: Defeat the Mason General responsible for the village takeover.

    Mason: Protect the General with your life! (Best player becomes the General).

    Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=276999281

  • Good luck!

    I love the lighting, realy nice work.

  • It looks really good my friend, however, the lighting is a little unrealistic, and too vibrant at the moment. Try looking at stock maps and their lighting setups :)

  • Thanks guys!

    Overall progress:
    Kismet (objectives) - 70%
    Visual mapping - 90%
    Blocking volumes - 20%

    Just did a bigger update, here are some screenshots:

    @CupMcCakers - Yeah, I’m not really going for realism, even with lightning, just want to make things feel cold and warm at the same time in different places. I will tweak it though, thanks.

    At the moment I’m having problem with HUD progress for village capture. Only 1 of the HUD’s work, while the other doesn’t show progress even when it’s using the same kismet code, any ideas?


    I managed to resolve the problem with HUD, it is all working now.

  • A little update (Possible lightning fix, nature sounds, blocking volumes):

    I will upload the map to the workshop tomorrow for public testing

  • Hurry up and release you bastard sword!!!

  • Yeah, I agree, I want to play! :D
    It looks really cool, I want to see how it plays!

  • It’s on the workshop right now so you can test it.

    Have fun and send all the feedback you can :)

  • I like the colours. Reminds me of some Skyrim ENB’s I used.

  • Alrighty, the final beta patch before the contest is here:


    • Removed some lights in the town - Now it looks more natural, less weird colors!
    • Added a shitton of blocking volumes to prevent getting stuck on things. (Thanks Hayaku and Yarnu!)
    • Added few anti-archer covers to prevent getting easly shot in the second objective.
    • Decreased the health of the Village gate from 4500 to 3500 and now you can open the gate from the inside!
    • Added HUD progress marker for the Cave barricade.
    • Added solid spawn-protection for each stage.
    • The General now has a HUD marker working.
    • Cages now won’t disapear when the 4th objective begins.
    • Added usefull protips for 1st and 3rd stage.
    • Fixed few spawns.
    • Forward spawning now has proper description.
    • Added some AI paths, still derpy.
    • Removed 1 ladder from the far left side - There are still 3 ladders on the map (2 main, 1 flank).
    • Many other smaller fixes I have forgot about!

    I would like to thanks Yarnu the Dog and the AUS community for helping me publicly test the map. Without your feedback the map would be unplayable! Thanks guys!

    Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=276999281

    See you on the Battlefield!

  • There were some issues with the workshop upload but it is working now.

  • I have tested this map for my lovely friend Vesanus for a few hours. It’s EPIC.


    • 4 objectives - perfect choice
    • greatly fits the game
    • good balance, archers were a bit OP few days ago
    • few additional props made by Vesanus’ brother makes map even more special
    • great performance thanks to map being not to big + good lighting placement
    • it’s a fort not a freaking castle as in nearly every other map
    • easy to understand for new players
    • tested by many people - it will be hard to find any new bug


    • nothing to read here, just move on

    In short:
    I know Vesanus personally. I know how many hours it took him to make this awesome map and he made it all by himself. There were many bugs at the beginning and it wasn’t easy to fix all of them. Vesanus raged many times at Teamspeak, often it took him whole night to fix everything just to get another bunch of things to fix. Here I would like to thank AUS community and especially Yarnu The Dog for testing map for Vesanus. In my opinion this map should be at least in TOP5 and definitely should be added to the game. Hideout is definitely the best considering overall balance between all criteria mentioned in Judging Criteria section.

  • Very details ! 4 objectives is perfect, aprouved !

  • **UPDATE:

    **All of the maps are having issues with steam workshop it seems, maps were randomly not working for some people. Even removing all maps from folders and re-downloading them at the splash screen, it still had to download the map from the server (in some cases 240mb!), then downloads after that point were 22mb for the same map, not even updated.
    No idea what is going on…I think it’s steam workshop being a bit durpey.

    Testing Yarnu’s server, got this error.

    Same with a few maps actually…:(

  • That is strange… I won’t reupload though because I have been testing the newest version with many people and it is working properly. It must be a problem with the steam workshop.

    BTW. Failed to find required package aocto-hideout_p? It’s like workshop didn’t even bother to download the map - and the texture/model/mesh package uses a different name… (VesIronPath.upk)

    I hope it won’t affect the contest.

  • @Vesanus:

    That is strange… I won’t reupload though because I have been testing the newest version with many people and it is working properly. It must be a problem with the steam workshop.

    BTW. Failed to find required package aocto-hideout_p? It’s like workshop didn’t even bother to download the map - and the texture/model/mesh package uses a different name… (VesIronPath.upk)

    I hope it won’t affect the contest.

    Since your map works fine for most people, just not some, and your map is not the only one with the exact same problems, I doubt very much you would be disqualified from the contest for something seemingly out of your control.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello! I got the privilege of testing out this map today, and I’d like to provide some feedback. Starting off, this map has a very pretty aesthetic, I like the full moon night feel it’s got going on. As for the objectives, overall I enjoyed them. The one I enjoyed the most was where we had to defend both the gate and the barricade, and a huge bloodbath ensued because of it. The amount of wide, open spaces for fighting makes it an enjoyable experience. As for negative criticisms, I feel that the map would look better if it were a little darker, and it could really use some music. Overall I had a great time with it!

  • Glad to hear that! I had a bad feeling that the map wouldn’t work at all though i tested it :P

  • Here are my thoughts about this map. Please note that I ignore stuck spots and other glitches and instead focus on actual gameplay. I will note about gamebreaking bugs but otherwise I leave them be.

    I will also be playing with maximum graphics settings and will note if something doesn’t look quite right or is too bright or dark.

    If you have any questions or need clarification, I will gladly provide answers.



    • I really dig the underground areas, if you know what I mean. ;-)
    • Even if it is a night map, it doesn’t look too dark and the caves have good lighting. Good job on that aspect.

    Stage 1

    • Quite a long walk for the flag from mason spawn, making this stage somewhat easy for competent Agatha team. Consider creating another Mason spawn closer to the banner and moving the spawn when the banner is captured.
    • Mason cannot jump down from the palisade wall without getting height from the stairs. Consider lowering the palisade height so that the defenders can jump over the wall.
    • No cover from archers at the second door. Consider adding few objects that can provide cover from arrows and bolts.

    Stage 2

    • Cages need progress indicator, right now there is no way to tell how much you need to hit them for them to break.
    • Need to know how many slaves left from scoreboard, like in stoneshill. Progress updates in chat are not clear enought to tell how many you need to kill at the beginning.

    Stage 3

    • General might have too good area for kiting. Consider adding some short walls in the catwalks that cannot be jumped over so that the general cannot cheese the attackers too easily.

    Overall a very solid map that could use a few quality-of-life improvements like peasants remaining -indicator.

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