I was wondering long enough!

  • Hey guys,
    i just registered here because i wanted to know how many people think like me.
    I am playing chivalry since the days it was just a mod. All the time i was annoyed by ranged combat in this game. I always said to myself: “bear with it, it brings tactical depth and so on…” but today i got so annoyed by a team of 3 spartans Doryíng me to the grave and a pirate who would always blunderbuss me from behind in ffa that i could no longer accept the presence of ranged weapons.
    I mean, why do ranged waepons need to be in a game, that doesnt claim to be tactical team based, but is solely beloved and played for its melee aspects, by 99,9% of the players?
    Imagine this game without spartans who are throwing their dorys and hide behind their shields until they retrieve it and throw it again. Imagine this game without vikings that throw 5 things in 3 seconds at the back of your head while you are in a 2v1. Imagine you could just enjoy the game for what its good for: having awesome skill based melee combat.
    what do you guys think? I would definitely buy another cihvalry expansion for 20-30 bucks if it would be balanced, had a better netcode/not so much lag and ABSOLUTELY no ranged weapons.

  • You want a game that’s balanced, has no lag and features melee weapons only?
    And you came to this forum??

  • I enjoy one shotting from 100 meters away, sorry :P

  • I agree with you, fuck the archers!

  • Dying to an an unblock-able ranged attack is very frustrating. I like for their to be counter play.

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