Question About YouTube Videos and Monetization

  • Since YouTube will inevitably ask for proof, this question is aimed at the devs. Is it alright for players to post Let’s Play videos with ads on YouTube?

    Again, this is so that when YouTube reviews videos and asks video authors to prove that they are allowed to profit from the ads, we’ll be able to reference this thread as to an official answer.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Developer

    Taken from the contact us page:

    Hey there Youtubers and Youtuber Partners,

    We would love to have you put up videos of our game, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and are more than happy to have you doing this whether you are a youtube partner or not. So you have my explicit permission to put up videos of our game on youtube and are free to have ads running before them

    Thanks and I look forward to your videos,

    Steve Piggott,
    President, Torn Banner Studios

  • Love you guys! Thanks. :D

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