Toggling emitters

  • Anybody else had problems with toggling emitters?

    I’m doing a pyre example and everything works, except the emitter for fire (takedamage event)
    I ended copying exactly the same kismet setup but with my fire it doesnt work for some reason.

    I tried setting a toggle for level-loaded event but it doesnt turn on. It just stays dark, because im toggling it off in the beginning of the level.

  • hmmm

    Toggle emitters should work

    make a screen of kismet


    it’s worth nothing that

    when u have scaled your emitter for negative values,
    i.e. u were copypasting miroring some emiters and u have values X Y Z : 1 -1 1
    it wont emit anything

    u need to have 1 1 1 and rotate localy

  • Yeah, I tried choosing different emitters. They work, and then, when I toggle them off - they go down but don’t go back again, when I toggle them on.

  • on events max trigger count is what (in kismet properties)?

    0 = unlimited

    1 = once it happens and not more

    you have to set all on 0


    good test for this

    How behaves toggable sound?
    same as emitter?
    or Sound toggles well?

  • For some reason it’s still not working. Sound doesn’t play as well. Whis is weird. Everything else works!

  • BlackSpire_map_TO.udk

    change to


    you will see then it will work :D

    _p is almighty xD (I had issue with this for several months and had no clue why everything was bugy :D)

  • Changed it. Still doesn’t work properly =(. Oh well, script is still running, objective is still doable.

  • Try throwing them into a matinee and toggling from there.

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