Timezone clarification

  • I see the game will start at 10 am PST, first i thought it will be just now, i am on +2 CET, so in order to fix all time zone problems i want to set my forum clock to the developers clock. The question is: What is the developers time, what timezone are they on?

  • I assume PST?

    I’m in PST and 10am happens in exactly 10 hours from now. (it’s now midnight pst).

    However, if Torn banner studios is in Whitby, Canada (not sure if that’s the case), then they are on EST, which would now be 3am…

  • If I’m not mistaken, Romania is 1 hour ahead of France/Germany etc? That would make the unlock 8pm your time.

  • Yes you are right Martin but i want to avoid this situation altogether next time and set the board clock to the dev’s clock, it will be much simpler than calculating through timezones. Yes i know i am lazy :D

    Edit: i accidentally a word.

  • The official time given is in PST. You can set Pacific Standard Time in your User Control Panel > Board preferences, or any time you wish.

  • Ok i’ve got it sorted out now, thanks for the help.

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