• How exactly do you go about making one. I can’t seem to make my ladder volume do anything.

  • Once you make the volume, you need to build AI Pathing, and it automatically generates ladder nodes.

    Ladders are a bit buggy though, I think if there were a climbing animation, rather than players simply sliding up a ladder like they have hover boots on, it would be much better, but players would also obviously be very vulnerable too.

  • Thanks. /3moarchars

  • Make a ladder volume and make sure the arrow is facing the wall or whatever it is that the player will climb.

    The first time I made one in a map it was pretty easy and worked fine, however as I added more things to the map near the volume it got really buggy; it worked fine in the editor but bugged out hard on the server. I could never 100% work out what bugged it out but I think you have to make sure there are no other volumes intersecting it.

  • It is worth noting that when you rotate it 42.19 (or its multiple) deg yaw

    it will be little buggy (even more than before) but will be still climbable with hard gained “skill”

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