Steam workshop support?

  • I know mod tools haven’t been confirmed (or maybe they have, I have no idea), but it’d be silly to not have them, I dunno how far you’ve all considered modding, but it’d be a huge asset to keeping the game alive and providing a massive amount of content, and with that I feel Steam workshop would fit in perfectly

    For those that don’t know, Steam workshop easily allows mods/skins etc to be shared, rated and accepted by the developers

  • It’s Unreal Engine 3.0

    They pretty much don’t even need to release tools. :P

  • Its not that steam workshop is needed to create content, its just the best option for sharing player created content easily. The tools will greatly be appreciated of course I look forward to seeing all of the great maps that will come out of it.

    Everyone I talk with about this topic pretty much agrees, a Steam Workshop for this game will make the community for this game really grow beyond what it is now and will add greatly to the longevity and numbers in the active player base.

  • @Mkilbride:

    It’s Unreal Engine 3.0

    They pretty much don’t even need to release tools. :P

    We need their scripts at least….

  • @ReMixx:

    We need their scripts at least….

    Its true, I would really love to make some TO content for this game and the scripts are pretty much required for that as is anything that goes beyond asset placement in a map.

    Pretty awesome that the UDK is already there for us don’t get me wrong, gives everyone a head start on mapping but really we and the game needs that toolkit and workshop.

  • Alas, the big bug patch of doom has higher priority… can’t blame them :(

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