Weird Bug

  • Not sure if relevant, but this happened after leaving horde mode server.

    I returned to the main menu, however the main menu had a character select screen. If i chose a character or hit return… it would go away and get dark like i was about to join a game in the main menu, odd right?

    Then from there i would be able to hit leave game again, only it would just give me a character select again. Odd. Had to ctrl-alt-del and kill the game.

  • This happens to me at least twice per session but unlike you, I’ve never tried to return to the main menu. I just have this class selection screen on top of the ESCAPE menu, duel menus, etc. It’s like the cursor disappears and you can’t click Return, Spectate, Random, a class, anything.
    The only way to fix it is to reconnect.

    Even though this happens to me quite frequently, I’ve no idea how to reproduce it. I think it-s got to do with the timing when you press Tab. After a map change, I’m pretty impatient so I type stuff in the chat or press tab to check current players, and that’s how I get this bug.

    All the weird class bugs happen to me, lol (char not respawning, char with wrong loadout, etc), probably from being impatient.
    Tomorrow I’ll try to reproduce it for sure and I’ll post its rule.

  • if you bring up any of the ingame overlays like score or team/class select before the game finishes loading (usually a 0.5 second window during a map load) the overlay will remain locked

    this happened to me quite a lot in the editor because im impatient and try to test things asap

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