My spiel on this game

  • Ok so first of all, best first person game I have ever played ever. I say this because I am a huge history buff and love all history pre gun powder projectile era. I never played AoC so I find this game perfect for all of my hack and slash needs.

    Very artful and skillful when fighting another opponent in any setting, whether it be mutli vs 1 or 1v1. Everything from the quirky music during the village fight to the awesome precision and accuracy of weapon to weapon or weapon to opponent (sadly, sometimes friendly) collision. For what it seems like being a small dev team, you guys have made quite an awesome game… sooo Respect!

    Now to suggestions that I have:

    • Maces, hammer, sledges- I feel like there is some sort of clip error for all 1h 2h maces/hammers. It is noticed that many players use the hammer/mace set up and for good reason, it owns. From my experience and as well as from what others have said, there has been some weird blocking issue going on with all maces/hammers. I feel its some clipping issue because I tend to see it go through my shield and is so much more hard for me to parry than other weapons. — 1h maces/hammers do too much damage for their attack speed, period.

    • Let us be able to remove the circle hair! (crosshair)

    • Let’s see some bigger sandbox feeling maps! Some true battle FIELDS.
      ---- Need more expansive castle/city maps eventually as well. Like the map where we blow up the door. I would LOVE to ravage that city! I would really love a crusader/Islamic army pillaging of Jerusalem feel.

    +Dungeons, I feel this would give a cool scary-as-crap feel! Intense and love it.

    • Less emphasis on the arrow tracer. It looks too cartoony. I have never seen an arrow give a white tracer effect. There is no strategic need for it.

    • Helmets and more weapons (which I am sure is expected). BAD ASS HELMETS TOO!

    • Fix the bug where pressing C for the standing shout bugs out the arms.

    • Fix the bug where the ballista bugs out the arms. (maybe the catapult too, but I never used it)

    • Different armors! Do not go all out with it with lame stats and more balancing problems. And especially no overly huge and clunky pieces.

    • Huge annoyance with how quick the Man at Arms shimmy move is. It seriously looks as if they vanish for a split second and reappear. (running 40 fps consistently with perfect eye vision and brand new flat screen)

    • I am thinking that removing Trebuchet 3 from the Masonic Castle map would be a good idea. It is just too dang close tot he Masonic spawn for PuG groups to take down. I hardly ever got to see Agatha take a shot at the ships with the ballistas. Trebuchet 1 is close enough where it can easily be more defensible and provide more strategy for both sides. You seriously need a group of great complying people whom know to attack all at once… this is sadly super rare.

    • If not to taking out Trebuchet 3 then at least make the Masonic Order have to “rebuild” the trebuchets after they have been destroyed for a certain period of time. This seems sensible enough.

    • Obviously the dam gate issue in the dark forest map.

    • Give us some medieval curses! Cursing IRL sucks though :/ but in war is an exception as war knows no bounds. For example: God’s blood, God’s teeth, By the Virgin, By Satan’s hairy arse or warty prick. Here is some Shakespearean cursing: Thou gorbellied brazen-faced gudgeon!, Thou puking ill-breeding malcontent!, Thou infectious guts-griping hedge-pig!, Thou pribbling milk-livered haggard!. Whore was a very prevalent word as well. Sounds amusing now but it was damnable back then!

    • Flails

    • Add some weapon modding where we can make everything from the hilt to the edge type different.

    • Custom tabards. Let us unlock cool unique designs for our tabards. Everything staying in the realm of medieval and not new age crap like a smiley face or rainbow >.< Screw you MW3!!!

    • The third spear with the three spikes… really? THAT much damage… is that weapon seriously that devious? I get impaled by it once as a vanguard and have 1/6th my hp left. All other weapons its at about half. Spears are suuuper hard to parry/block. Maybe the same affect as maces/hammers?

    • 1v1 Servers!!! Figure out a rotation tournament system with like 10 people or so.

    It is understandable your team is not as large as others, but I feel with time and implementation of these things would make this game incredibly more epic and appealing! So far great job and keep crackin’ at it!

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