Shield blocking bug

  • Sometimes (way too often) when you are in heated combat, you hold down RMB to bring your shield up, and it goes up for an an instant, and then right back down, all by itself for absolutely no reason, forcing you to wait for your shield to be brought up again (too late, you are dead from this most of the time). Its one of the main reasons why shields are the single most frustrating thing to use in the game. I really hope you guys can fix this one.

    Also, the game seems to create random inputs that you never did, i.e. forcing you to block after a series of combos and blocks (not exactly sure when it happens but thats the closest answer i can give), or, get this, going for a stab and the game automatically feinting it for you when you never pressed any feint buttons. Its not my mouse because all of this happened on my old mouse which was a completely different class of mouse, completely different brand and completely different model, and ive also seen other people report similar behaviours. Such bugs are right up there with biggest hindrances to the enjoyment factor and the combat feeling smooth and responsive, and fun. I’m suprised not many others are reporting these things on the forums, i assume most either dont experience such wierdness often and/or only think its a faulty mouse or whatever so they don’t think its worth reporting. The shield bug has been reported for a very long time now however. Thanks guys, if you need me to give any more info id do so gladly.

  • Am wondering if you have some odd key or mouse bindings set up? You can try renaming you udkinputs.ini and reverifying to play with stock binds and see if the issue still occurs?

    also what mouse do you have or specifically what sort of polling rate do you have it set on?

  • I can confirm this. It’s… rare, but still too common.

    Happens a lot more with the shield, but also turns up from time to time without one. If I’m fighting without a shield, it often happens that instead of what-should-have-been-a-stab-riposte, my character just does a normal overhead. Things like that.

    It’s quite annoying as well when you character suddenly acts as if you’re out of stamina. You can’t riposte or combo all of a sudden. Even rarer, but still too common.

  • ^^^ yeah, the last thing he said happens sometimes too now that i think about it.

    this is what i used to use:

    this is what i use now:

    All of this happened on both mice. And nope, i have fairly normal button configurations. I feint with RMB so i also have the projectile feint bound to RMB as well as the feint thats bound to it by default, so i can cancel a throwing axe/jav throw etc by pressing RMB as well as the normal functions. I have Q bound to toggle first and third person, E to dodge and do a charge attack, and i have one of my mouse buttons set up to toggle ALT attacks. other than that everything is normal. Curious if Ricksv has the same deal where he feints with RMB and also has all forms of feint bound to it, not just whats default.

    polling rate is set at 1000hz i think, and i may try renaming my inputs.ini as you said.

  • I hope i can get a comment from TB on this soon. Shit man, i’ll devote some serious time into helping out to solve these bugs if you guys need me to, because they are extremely annoying. And i’ll do it for free.

    If i could get some kind of program to record my mouse movements, and sync it up to gameplay footage, would that help? and how would i go about doing such a thing?

  • I’ve had stuff like this happen to me before, mostly with overheads, but it’s really rare. I would triple check your keybindings, maybe even reset them completely and then reconfigure them.

  • this shit, it ruins the game. it needs to be fixed. impossible to use a shield. i die from so much bullcrap while using them just because i need to block an attack to save my life and NOPE games like LOL IT CAN ONLY GO UP FOR A SPLIT SECOND EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE HOLDING THE BUTTON DOWN, AT HALF FULL STAMINA BAR, OH WELL, URDEDLOL

    shields are awful. no point in using them with this bug :/\

    -cleaned up cause i’m a pretty little fairy cupcake

  • ^ thats basically how it makes me feel when these bugs happen to me. i cant have a single session with this game now without something like this happening AT least once during combat and causing my death.

    Sometimes it will even block for me when i DO need to block, and feint for me and actually feint the enemy successfully, for no reason, so its just entirely unpredictable and broken imo.

  • Well, i feel like playing chiv again. Going to completely rename my entire config folder and play with the most default settings i can possibly handle and see if this stuff happens to me.

  • Update, i have completely removed my entire configuration folder and let the game generate a new one. The shield blocking bug still exists. I havent had the game auto-feint or auto-block for me yet at least that i can remember, but we will see.

  • btw this still isnt fixed. and it happens when you cftp with the shield or block in release or whatever thats called when you can hold block after an attack with a shield and it starts to bring it up before its over.

  • Yet more proof that this bug does in fact exist, for multiple people, on multiple computers and setups. look at the chat at 5:00 in this video, and just keep watching the chat to see what happens. Look at what Captain Adain is saying.

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