On the fence (playerbase)

  • I’ve seen the videos the game looks really fun, but I don’t really wanna drop 30$ on a multiplayer only game that doesn’t have a decent amount of ppl playing…

    I’ve played games that were empty and i lose interest fast… How’s the playerbase here?

  • Hey there,
    the game is only 25$ and definitely worth it, from my point of view the player-base seems solid throughout beta. I doubt that the core of players will leave shortly after release, so I’m sure you will find plenty of players to play with.

    Sofar I have spent more than 100 hours on the beta and that money was definitely worth it, judging from single-player games I wouldn’t even spend 50 hours with and pay double the price!

    Best Regards,

  • I never saw less than 100 players online throughout the latter half of the beta, usually in the neighborhood of 300+. Expect that to skyrocket on release - I highly doubt you’ll ever need to look very hard to find a populated server in any region.

  • Even the Age of Chivalry mod is booming with 100+ players much of the time these days. I expect this number to be a magnitude higher for the new, retail Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. It’s safe to say that you’ll be able to find a game any time you want. Unfortunately I’ve purchased a few games wherein the population has dropped to nil a few months after release (Shattered Horizon, etc), but this won’t be one of them.

    Since Chivalry is now using the UT3 engine, it will also be easy for people to make maps and modifications to increase the longevity of the game. Torn Banner Studios has also expressed interest in making free DLCs for the game in the future. The game is based on relatively new technology so it shouldn’t be “obsolete” any time soon.

    Personally, I’m bringing ~10 people into the game with me, and I’ve also made some posts in the Off Topic section of other game forums that I play or used to play.

    I’m sure you’ll get your fair share of hours out of the game for what it’s worth. You can also try to get some of your friends to buy it with you via the $75 for 4 people pack. This reduces the individual price to $18.75. ;)

  • Also, recall, this is a PC game.

    PC games, unlike console games, do not die a year after release. They continue to be played, for years.

    Thanks dedicated servers!

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