Voting in custom maps on official servers

  • I saw a convo recently from a mod saying you’re not supposed to be able to. I’d like for Torn Banner to allow us to votechangemap custom maps that are in official servers as long as they are stable and actually good: this means that Torn Banner would have to keep them updated regularly and hand pick the ones they would want to be able to be voted in.

    You currently can vote in custom maps on officials. I’ve played on Kings Garden, Cove, Shore, Whitenest, Castle Assault and Grail quite a few times on officials and most people love them. However, sometimes when they get updated, they give an error message when voting in saying “mismatched files” or “failed to extract package” or something and it kills the server. That’s something I can understand as to why to not allow them to be voted in. And I can see why it would be hard to keep them updated every day, so I suggest that Torn Banner hand picks the ones they like (Like the contest winners and some others) and manually make sure they’re working on officials once a week and update the ones that aren’t.

    A few days ago you were able to vote in KingsGarden, Cove, Shore, Whitenest, Castle Assault, and Grail without any problems and everyone loved playing on them. OnTheEdge has never worked on officials as far as I can tell because it always says “Failed to extract package.” There are plenty more you can vote in but those are all the ones that I would consider reliable. I’ve seen on the forums that Castle Assault and Grail have gotten updates in the past few days and they no longer work on officials, saying something about mismatched files or failing to acquire the package.

    Anyway, just letting you know. Really going to miss regularly playing Kings Garden and Cove on officials that are actually populated.

  • The one problem I have with custom maps on official servers is that whenever you’ve finally downloaded the map, extracted, and installed (not long, really) you get into the game and everyone has left.

    It evacuates servers when these maps are voted on because people don’t want to wait, or maybe they don’t see the text and end task, etc.

    Playing on an official server we had 20/24 people, then we began voting custom maps. It turned into a 4 on 4 game, then a 3 on 4… 3 on 3… etc. No one joins for likely the same reason everyone leaves, and the server eventually dies.

    I’m not saying this ALWAYS happens, but I saw it happen on 2 separate servers the other day. Real shame.

  • As much as I’ve done it recently, most of the time people stay. It’s rare that it clears out a server, at least when good customs are voted in like Kings Garden, Cove, Shore and White Nest.

  • Next patch significantly decreases load times for custom maps if you have already played them before. Or got them off the steam workshop. As what it does currently is extract the map every single time you play it.

  • You know I almost ended the program myself, until I had realized that the previous one before it was a custom map and that we had voted another. Some of the time there’s no information being displayed that I’m downloading a custom map to run (that information on the left of the keyboard loading screen), it just loads for a long, long time. I imagine a lot of them thought they were stuck in infinite loading screens… but that’s just a guess here.

    I haven’t been playing “back” to this game for long, but there used to be another screen telling you you were downloading stuff, right? I really think that would help a lot, because I’m not always seeing the downloading notification and tracking right now.

    Also, I’m pretty sure one of them was White Nest (the one with the awesome 80’s John Carpenter-esque music sound effects, right?). I had played that one several times, but it seems to want to download every time, as Lemonader was saying. I imagine it could help a lot if you didn’t have to download it every time (is that what’s happening?).

    I would be all for a smoother custom map loading setup. The only thing I have against custom maps is that it can be a detriment to server population (in my experience), I love actually playing them with people.

  • Custom maps sometimes take longer to load than official maps even without downloads needed. It’s not as long as the actual download and it’s usually about 15-30 seconds at maximum. It seems to get worse the more helmets/skins Torn Banner adds, though, just like the loading time at the start up of the game to the title screen.

  • Wow i didnt know there are custom maps on offical servers.^^

    Yes i think many players dont want to spent time on downloading custom maps. Especially if the custom map are in prealphastate.
    A very long time that was my reason for not playing them.

  • Currently, official servers are not supposed to be changed to anything that isn’t listed in the Server name (So no FFA on TO #16).

    I would say this carries over to custom maps, official TO #16 is not intended to play Kings Garden and shouldn’t be changed to it. There are official servers for playing these maps, along with some private ones.

    Some maps crash the server and kick everyone out, some people may have a bandwidth cap on their internet and don’t want to download various maps (Which are a decent chunk of bandwidth, more so since you need to download them every time), some give big performance issues to low end machines, etc. Because there’s a chance for easy abuse and it still goes against the rules, I would say do not change them to it.

  • Nobody plays on those custom servers, and most people have bad taste of custom maps in general since they haven’t played the actual good ones (like Kings Garden and Cove). Most of the map makers can’t get good reliable feed back since no one really plays on them ever, or just some group of clan mates do and that’s not enough reliable feed back. The best way to get feed back is to take a populated official server and votechangemap to it so a variety of players and a bunch of players play on it as if it were being played on like a real map. I know I’ve got a lot of experience on those two maps alone because of this, and just about everyone who’s played on them in a full server absolutely loved it.

    Yeah, getting the good working, fun, decently balanced custom maps separate from the bad custom maps is a problem. But that’s why I say Torn Banner should hand pick the good ones (like the contest winners at least) so we can play on them in officials. Not only for testing, but because they’re actually FUN and play like good, new official maps and most people are sick of the current ones. On The Edge will likely never get proper testing since no one will bother to populate the servers that have it, and I don’t think Torn Banner’s tests twice a week are enough.

    Also, being able to change a populated FFA (Or TDM or any other non-TO) server into a TO map is one of the best things about Chivalry. Don’t change that. Most people in FFA servers don’t want FFA anyway, they want TO but none of the TO are available because there’s nothing but low rank servers populated under 100 ping. And no one wants to try populating a TO by them selves, especially when you’re a high rank that makes people rage quit immediately. Most people in pubs just want TO, any other servers are just for when TO isn’t available. And since it requires a majority vote, it should be fine to allow it to continue to happen. It isn’t like one person decides, it takes 65% of the server to agree which is fine.

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