Outpost objective bug

  • I was playing CMW yesterday and the map rotated to outpost but after the first objective was done, the cart teleported/insta finished and objective 2 (push the cart) was done in less then 3 seconds. is this a known bug?

  • Known bug

    Essentially people are glitching into the second area, pushing the cart and then breaking the door, or vice versa, before the tents are burnt down.

    Mods know about it and if you report the people doing it (if you look at the points as soon as the objective has been skipped, the person or people with a stupid amount of points, usually 200+, are the ones doing it) the mods will warn them. Or if already warned they will be kicked and then banned.
    I am assuming devs know too, albeit something like this should probably be a hotfix rather than "coming in the next update in a couple of months due to how broken it is/how common it happens if even a single guy in the server knows about it, but w/e. At least the mods are trying to do something about it.

    Some lovely racist language in the chat on that screenshot too… the best of both worlds aye

  • I dont even like the map so i dont mind it going a bit quicker then it should go.

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