Single Player glitches and problems found in Patch 28 (Beta).

  • The following problems were found when I created my own private game and added bots. Some of the screen shots are taken from Training, rather than a custom game. It should be noted that I had the graphics set to the minimum allowed and was playing the game with a resolution of 800*600.

    Problem 1

    The first problem is a recurring problem not unique to Patch 28. As the screen shot below shows, bots always stack when in single player. This makes it extremely difficult to win as the opposing team, since the other team have way more numbers.

    Problem 2

    My second complaint is that the weapon pictures are just too small to see. I’d suggest increasing the the size of the weapon windows when the user goes to select his/her load out.

    Problem 3

    As shown in this screen shot from training, the Mason Order have a 0/16 team size where as the Agatha Knights have no team size (or unlimited, I can’t tell). This screen pops up when the Mason mat-at-arms first asks the player weather or not it was true the player rejected Malric’s offer to join the order.

    Problem 4

    As explained above, I am running the game at 800*600 resolution, so i’m not sure if this happens with the other resolutions. My computer is very low end. The problem here is that both the text of the talking Agatha Man-at-arms (the one who tells you to stop day dreaming in training), and his name are cut off. This is true for players and bots. All names are cut off.

    Other problems and comments.

    Going back to problem three, it should be noted that if the player tries to select “Mason Order,” when prompted by the mason ma-at-arms during training, the player dies and does not re-spawn.

    Overall, the patch seems very optimized for lower end computers like my own, it lags significantly less, even with a ton of bots.

    *Note, please ignore the attached tumbnail beneath.

  • Thanks for the feedback, The training mode hasn’t been touched yet and we are aware of both the bots issue and the weapon icons. Thanks again.

  • Thanks for replying on such short notice, and i’m glad that the issues are already being dealt with. Will the problems dealing with low resolution settings (such as text, including player names, being cut off) be dealt with?

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