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  • Good day all.

    Just registered… I setup a dedicated server through steam tools and got it running and showing in the server browser list.

    My question is:

    Is there a way I can setup the maps to be smaller? Our group is only 4-10 people or so and running for 3 miles when you respawn isn’t that fun.

    I’d like to have a rotation of small free for all maps.

    I’m also learning how to change the maps in mid game etc… not familiar with the commands needed.


    This is for the standard game - no expansions.

  • so for the TO maps you’re in an issue if your palyerbase is so small.

    You could try some custom TO maps, but I’d recommend not delving in that world

    So to change maps ingame -

    First loginwith your admin password which you should ave set in your config/pcserver-udkgame.ini


    So it should look something like that in your files. Now go into your server and open up the console by pressing ~

    Type in ‘adminlogin SuperSecretPassword’ , or wahtever your admin pw is. You’re now logged in as an admin

    Next you can adminchangemap. So, say you want to change it to FFA on arena.

    Login as admin

    Adminchangemap aocffa-arena3_p

    Type in that command and it will change. I’ll recommend all the best maps for a small playersize. Taken from here -


    TD = Team deathmatch FFA = Free for all KOTH = King of the Hill

    Those will be some of your best bets for a small server. If you need help setting up a maplist just ask

  • Excellent - thank you for your help. I also installed the black knight mode and got it working… is there any way to customize it though? Staying alive for 10 seconds with no head is a bit … much. Can it be configured or at least say… you go blind or something?

    I’ve done mods and workshop work for other games… just wondering how it would apply here.

  • There are also FFA and TD versions of some of the formerly LTS-only maps:±+Map+list

    Namely: bridge, cistern, dininghall, frostpeak, mines, shipyard, and courtyard. These are all good maps for small numbers of players.

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