Tavern is broken to hell also.

  • 50% of the times you spawn you can do anything. You get stuck with the 1H no shield sword animation set, can’t attack, can’t sprint only WASD work.

    The collisions near the mead barrels are still wonky when you try to fight near them.

    And the store owners are now all agatha vanguards with peasant hats.

    This was the first impression of your game for many people today.

  • pics or it didnt happen

  • Play a game of tavern.

    It’ll all happen.

  • It has been broken for a very long time now. Torn Banner doesn’t seem to be as much a fan of drunken fistfights as I am.

  • Tbh I don’t enjoy those bare knuckle fights. Don’t you think they might be busy with the upcoming patch and that
    map competition. Why do players rage post after playing.

  • Well I do enjoy tavern. Its just in an even worse state than it was months ago.

    Its June. Tavern pretty much hasn’t worked since June last year.

  • I did try to recreate tavern with only the arena downstairs available for play. I cannot for the life of me get it to fucking work. Everyone is a goddamn Goro that can’t attack. 3rd person perspective is melded with the 1st person perspective, much like you describe in your first sentence.

    Yet in the editor it plays completely fine.

  • thats bizzare, have you tried using the TO2 game mode to strip players of their weapons?

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