Can't get Team-Objective Match Timer started

  • Hello there everyone!

    I can’t seem to get the timer started, it just stays at 10 and nothing happens.

    Does this have to do with not enough players in the game? Also where can you set this timer? I know how to set the Bonus time from fiinishing objective but not the base.

    I’ve looked in the documentation and did some googling but to no avail, I hope you can help me!

    Thanks in advance!

    / Stefan Jonsson

  • 1.) So you’ll need to use the “Addbots” command in the dev console to get the round started. Else wise you just get the persistent 10 which is just spectator mode pretty much.

    2.) Yes in Kismet, you can set the timer on a function called “Initialize game variables” which you should have setup for your level already. You can check this page here in the Wiki Or you can load up the Basic Setup map found in example maps for the SDK.

    Good luck.

  • Silly me missing the set timer variable, happend to find it like two mins after I made the post. Had no idea about the “add bots” part though.

    Thanks a lot, it had me stuck entirely!

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