Steam Workshop Mods

  • What folder on your PC do the workshop mods for Chiv get stored in?

    I tried the steamapps/common/gamename/etc… but can’t seem to find them.

    In l4d2, it’s steamapps/common/left4dead2/l4d2/addons…. but this doesn’t have the same folder structure.

    Thank you!

  • Search your Chivalry UDK folder (using the windows search function) for the name of the mods you’re looking for. Typically they have similar names to their Steam Workshop titles.

  • Mods and maps get stored in \SteamApps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare\UDKGame\CookedSDK.

    To play a local modded game open console (grave ` by default) and type

    open aocffa-moor_p?modname=[MODNAME]

    Custom maps usually have the mapname in the workshop description, so just replace “aocffa-moor_p” with whatever it says there. If you don’t want to load a mod and just a map, get rid of the “?modname=[MODNAME]” part of the string.

  • Thank you both. Found the file…. now just have to figure out how to edit it :-/

    Just want to change a couple settings in the black knight mode…

    Guess I can’t open the .UPK file

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