I hope to see 64man/servers

  • really, I mean this is a medieval war game after all, and 64 seems much more appropriate for some maps. Maybe in the future :D?

  • Actually 64 player servers are possible already. There were 64 player test servers during beta - they ran alright, higher ping than normal when at high capacity though. Increasing the game speed to 120% caused some peoples’ routers to flood and disconnected them, while conversely running the server at 90% speed significantly reduced pings.

    The game will still only “officially” support up to 32 players though, I believe - but 64 is still very possible.

  • And 128 player servers will come in community hacks. THe ENgine supports it, just most people won’t be able to handle it, hehe.

  • for those who can handle it, 128 player servers will be fun, But mostly fun. i doubt many of us will stay alive long enough to rack up a huge kill count ;)

  • I played a few times on the beta 64 man servers, not sure what the issue was but the sound was cut short on every effect. It’s probably my system. I don’t have that issue with other servers, just the 64 man one.

  • I have it set to 128 max channels for me, I think the issue was that for most people.

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