Chiv crash bug on exit - please fix

  • Every single time i exit Chivalry, the launcher goes “not responding” and the game won´t shut down unless i force end it

    Here´s how it looks :

  • Moved thread to appropriate sub forum and cleaned up the title.

  • I have this happen to me quite often too… Like literally half of the times I load the game often :/ Tried reinstalling/verifying cache too.

    There’s also the crash which occurs on the main game too. The loader will crash when you choose MW/DW, but instead of letting you play normally until you try to close the main game, it will crash when you first choose a server.

  • What’s your CPU model guys?

    Have you tried running it in 32 bits mode? A friend of mine used to get constant crashes and very slow loading times but had never tried the 32bit compatibility mode because the checkbox’s tip actually says “Not recommended”.

  • Windows 8.1, Lenovo Ideapad Y500

    I think this matches the requirements for chiv, and I don’t imagine changing it to 32 bit on a 64 bit machine will make anything better…

    I just always assumed the game was getting more and more bloated while bugs weren’t being fixed and poorly optimised dlc/maps/loader were being added :/ but the crashes are becoming more and more frequent, just today I had to load it 4 times before it closed itself without crashing…

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