Cannot Connect to a Specific Server.

  • Sorry if there is a solution for this, I read through the giant list and none of those options were helpful. I can play the game, and as of yet had no problem connecting to any game. The issue I am having is a friend of mine started hosting a server for our group of friends to play in with each other. Everyone can get on the server, except me. I can still play on other servers fine. But not on this specific one. When I attempt to go into the room, I enter the password(checked multiple times, its the right password) and it gets stuck on “Please wait while the game loads…” This happens indefinitely as far as I can tell. it doesn’t give me an error or anything. This was also tested while no one was on the server, and also while multiple people were playing on the server. I have tried re installing chivalry, and even re installing steam to no avail.

  • It’s showing the password ‘lawl’ as being incorrect?

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