[WIP] Fortification Map Contest - Waltz of Night

  • Greetings,
    I’ll just post some screenshots for you guys. My map is nearly finished, I only have to deal with the AI-Pathing now. I’ll probaly upload my map on sunday … close enough. ^^

    Quick Info about the Objectives:

    Agatha is the attacking team. First Objective is to free the slaves from three different cages (destroy the locks).
    I wanted to do something sligthly new on the second one, but im not sure if it will work… we’ll see.
    Destroy the gate (Agatha) is the third Objective. And kill the King the last one. Mason will be in a defending position for the most time.

    It’s a nightly surprise attack by Agatha to get back one of their lost castles - and to rescue everyone who’s still alive. You have to imagine the Masons`s “King” as something like a leader you have to kill - to demoralize them and win the battle.

    Obviously, my map is quiet dark. Maybe too dark to define what is friendly and what not. To make sure you won’t have problems with “accidently teamkilling” I’ll might change the atmosphere to something like a sunset, or just light the map up a bit - even if its “unlogical”.

    So, I apologize for some grammatical “missteps” … you know, these things - they happen.

    Screenshots -> http://imgur.com/a/aE7NZ

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