Archer bots do no damage…

  • Archer bots arrows & bolts do no damage. The fire arrow causes fire damage without projectile damage.

    Since the archer Ai are useless now… can we have them removed from the probability’s till they are fixed…so our server can still be ranked with bots if we choose to use bots?


    bRandomLabelDistribution = false
    MinimumSquadSize = 1
    OptimumSquadSize = 3
    MaximumSquadCount = -1
    MaximumSquadSize = 3
    Proportion = 0.0

    ClassProbabilities(0) = 0.25f
    ClassProbabilities(1) = 0.25f
    ClassProbabilities(2) = 0.25f
    ClassProbabilities(3) = 0.25f
    ClassProbabilities(4) = 0.00f

  • is one of those classprobablilities random?

  • all bots spawn randomly, above is The % the classes can spawn, I think…

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